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Direct Debit Credit Payment Scheme

We think it is fair to reward Direct Debit customers who are in credit. That’s why we offer a Direct Debit Credit Payment scheme which provides a payment based on the amount of credit you have.

Under our Direct Debit Credit Payment Scheme, you’ll receive a payment from us if your account is at least £133 in credit at your next annual assessment. The payment will be automatically credited to your next bill.

You’ll get £1 back for every full multiple of £33 above the minimum credit value of £100.

So that’s £1 for a credit balance of £133, £2 for £166 and so on, up to a maximum of £12 for £496. The table below sets out the payment amount you’ll receive based upon the level of your credit balance:

Credit balance

Payment to bill

























Updated by spower | 21 Jan 21

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