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My energy usage explained

To work out your energy usage we take the number of Electricity and/or Gas units used (in Kilowatt Hours) from your previous bills and then plot the resulting information in a graph.

Energy Usage Graph

Your energy usage graph shows your average daily usage across the time period that you have been with ScottishPower.

As most accounts are only normally billed every quarter, it can be hard to work out a true representation of a customer’s energy usage, especially if you have received any estimated bills. By showing the average daily usage, it helps portray a more accurate graph for you.

To get a more accurate graph like the one shown below, we recommend you enter more meter readings each year, at suitable intervals for you. This will also make sure that your account is up to date, your bills are as accurate as possible and that your payments remain on track, so that at the time of your annual review, you don’t have a large debit or credit balance on your accountaverage-usage-graph.png.

How can I improve my usage?

View our energy saving tips to help save on both your gas and electricity

View Energy Saving Tips

Updated by SP-Help | 29 Oct 17

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