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Save money by saving energy

Reducing the amount of energy you use means your bills will be lower.

Energy Saving

Here are 5 simple tips to help you use energy more efficiently:

  1. Turn the heating down. When you reduce your thermostat by one degree Celsius, you`ll cut your fuel bills by up to 10%.
  2. Switch equipment off, don`t let it standby. Leaving equipment on standby costs the UK almost £1 billion a year.
  3. Insulation. You could save £310* a year on your heating bills by installing cavity wall insulation and by topping up the insulation in your loft.
  4. Use energy savings light bulbs. They last up to 10 times longer than ordinary light bulbs.
  5. Wash at 30 degrees Celsius. This uses about 40% less electricity than at a higher temperature.

View more energy saving tips with our Energy efficiency toolkit 

For more information on how to save money by saving energy go to The Energy Saving Trust and click on the country that you live in.

*These are estimated figures based on insulating a gas-heated, semi-detached home with three bedrooms and installing cavity wall insulation and insulating an uninsulated loft

Updated by Laura | 3 Nov 17

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