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Changing The Way We Drive

posted by Jamie_Elliot | 3 years ago

The idea of a car powered by electricity isn’t particularly new, but it has always seemed to be a bit farfetched. That is, until now.

With significant advances in battery technology coupled with a global need to reduce emissions, Electric Vehicles (EV’s) are widely predicted to replace our petrol and diesel cars over the next 20 years. In 2017, the UK Government announced their intention to ban the sale of all Petrol & Diesel fuelled cars by 2040 (2032 in Scotland).

Whilst these dates may feel some way off, the change for many will happen much sooner than you might think. In fact, already, over 150,000 EV’s are driven on UK roads and this is predicted to increase to over 1.5 million in just the next 5 years.

At ScottishPower we plan to help you make the transition to EV easy. That’s why we’ve launched our first EV tariff, powered by 100% renewable energy and built a handy public charge point finder in our YourEnergy app.

This is just the start of course, and we’re working away developing lots of other exciting products and services to help you on your EV journey.

If you are thinking about buying an EV, or just want to know more, then why not take a look at some of our other useful articles and blogs here on the community. We’ll keep adding to this as the UK’s transition to more sustainable transport continues.

And - if you already drive an EV - then why not take a look at our new SMART Green Electric Vehicle June 2020 tariff to see if it can benefit you or you could give our handy public charge point finder a try.

This is just the start of our EV journey together!

posted by iainsw | 3 years ago

Hi I have a Charged EV Universal socket and have had for about 7 months but I have a major problem in that If I look at my average daily consumption (not price or Economy 7 just straight KWH) my consumption has gone from an average of 19 KWH per day to 71.6 KWH per day - a difference of nearly 50KWH per day; as the car only stores 30 KWH and is definitely not used / charged every day - there is clearly something wrong! I would expect to do around 1000 miles per month which, according to BMW would use around 300 KWH or 10 KWH per day - so I am totally bemused by 50 KWH a day . Note that before and after measures are both average for around 100 days and heating is gas.

Can the supply be installed in-correctly (it was Western Power Distribution that installed the breaker) – any thoughts?



posted by  Rebekah | 3 years ago

Hi @iainsw This sounds strange and is definitely something worth looking in to. If these are the only two things that have changed since you started charging your PHEV at home then I suggest the first step would be to contact  your chargepoint supplier and the distribution network operator (DNO) who installed your breaker to see if they can identify any issues. I hope this helps! 


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