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Christmas gifts for the environment friendly!

posted by  Joan | 3 years ago

With Christmas round the corner we’re all looking for gift inspiration, so here are some top ideas for  that will be loved by friends, family and the environment too!

The Joco re-usable glass mug

When Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall started his ‘War on Waste’ campaign he discovered that the UK throws away nearly 7 million cardboard coffee cups, that’s 2.5 billion cups a year that can’t be recycled.  If you know a coffee fan who loves their morning take away then a re-usable coffee cup is a great gift.  The Joco re-usable glass mug is a sleek design, easy to clean and avoids the silicon taste that some re-usable cups can have.  So if they love coffee and hate waste then you have a winner!  You’ll find the cups on their website https://jococups.com/

Mark Hix, British Seasonal Food

From mangos to meat and cheese we buy and consume food from all over the world every day.  We all love to have choice but the carbon footprint of our food has a damaging effect on the environment.  So with the bounty of food on our doorstep why not cook with a seasonal selection from our own fine isle.  For the budding chef in your life check out ‘Mark Hix British Seasonal Food’ cookbook, great recipes, tips for sourcing local food too and you’ll be sure to get an invite for dinner with this gift!

Bamboo Furniture

Looking for gifts for a new home owner?  Bamboo Furniture is the perfect, stylish addition to a green home.  Deforestation is a major contributor to global warming but bamboo provides an alternative solution that can slow the rate of deforestation and uses less fossil fuels during harvest.  All major department stores stock bamboo products for the home, for inspiration check out the ‘Ecobeat’ bamboo bluetooth speaker. 

Green People Beauty Products

For your friend who loves to get pampered then Green People beauty products are the perfect gift.  Synthetic chemicals like parabens and petrochemicals are commonplace in beauty products but fail to breakdown in our environment.  When they find their way into rivers and streams they cause harmful effects on the ecosystem and the impact is building all the time.  So head to the Green People online shop, https://www.greenpeople.co.uk/,  to see their certified organic and natural range of products to spoil your friends with!


To top off your wonderful gifts why not try some original design recycled wrapping paper from www.re-wrapped.co.uk   For an extra special Christmas gift to the planet swap sellotape with string and blue tack then offer a box of chocolates to whoever can open their gift without ripping the paper.   That way you can harvest the paper for re-use next year and feel smug next year when you already have all the wrapping paper you need! 



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