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How our call waiting times measure up

posted by  spower | 6 months ago

It goes without saying that it’s been a particularly challenging year for everyone. When the first COVID-19 restrictions came into play, one of our biggest priorities was to get our call centres up and running safely and quickly to help customers who needed our support. Thanks to the hard work of ScottishPower employees, we were able to do so - and since then we’ve continued to deliver the best possible experience for our customers. Now, our quick response times have been recognised in a review carried out by Which? Magazine.

Throughout September and October, Which? set out to discover how long UK energy suppliers kept their customers on hold. Their investigation involved getting in touch with over 30 energy companies, with each supplier contacted 12 times on different days and times to find out the average time customers were kept waiting.

We’re pleased that ScottishPower’s quick responses were recognised, with Which? waiting an average of just 2 minutes 28 seconds. In comparison, the slowest supplier kept them waiting an average of 40 minutes 58 seconds. The findings also show we have the shortest wait time among the largest energy companies.

Over the last year we’ve been actively working to improve our customer experience. We’re proud that despite the pandemic, we’ve greatly improved our call waiting times and created a better experience for customers.

You can read the Which? article here and see how our call waiting times measure up.

posted by Andyday | 4 months ago

This is a load of crap... regardless to where it is morning afternoon or evening at any time of the day I'm on hold for aleast 40 mins ... 2 minutes 28 sec ... where the he'll did this figure come from

posted by JackDeLadd | 3 months ago

Call waiting times are always over 30 minutes,,, If Scottish Power is the best,  i wouldn't like to guess the worst companies. 

But hey,, we're all only Human

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