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Is Your Complaint About a Billing Issue?

posted by  ScottishPower | 3 years ago

Have you recently received a bill and are looking for some help to understand it?  We have detailed some useful information as well as some videos below that might help to resolve your complaint or query.

My complaint is to do with my bill being wrong/too high. 

If your complaint is to do with your bill being wrong or unexpectedly high, we recommend that you check your current and previous bills to see if any meter readings have been estimated. If your bill has been based on estimated readings we will show this on the front page at the top right hand side. It's possible that your previous bills were based on estimated meter readings that were too low and that your current bill has been calculated using actual meter readings, so it's higher than you expected. This can happen if we haven't been able to get meter readings for some time. If your current bill has been estimated please provide us with actual readings to enable us to send you a more accurate bill.

There are three easy ways for you to provide a meter reading:

  1. Log in to MyAccount and select ‘Enter Meter Reading’.
  2. Download and enter your readings in our free YourEnergy App
  3. Call our 24 hour automated meter reading service on 0800 027 8000.

If the meter readings look right, it's likely that your energy use has increased over the billing period. This could be due to the time of year - for example in winter you're likely to use more energy than you do in summer. It's also worth considering whether you've changed your circumstance or have used any new or different appliances during the billing period, which may account for the higher usage, or if one of your appliances has developed a fault.

Our Energy Efficiency page could help you to reduce your energy usage. 

You may also be able to reduce your future bills by choosing any available cheaper ScottishPower tariff by logging into MyAccount and selecting ‘Change Your Tariff’ to find all of our current available tariffs.

My complaint is to do with my bill being amended.

If your complaint is to do with your bill being amended or about cancelled charges the following information and youtube video should help resolve your issue.  Cancelled charges are energy consumption and VAT charges that have been reversed and removed from your bill to correct your account balance, your account balance will change to reflect this amended amount and a new amended bill is then issued.

For further help on issues you have experienced with your bill please see the following help articles;




Still Need to Raise a Scottish Power Complaint?

If you still require further help and have a complaint about your bill please visit our complaint page www.scottishpower.co.uk/complaints where you can chat to us for an instant response.

posted by mikehobbs | 3 years ago

My phone app keeps saying I need to supply meter readings and says it is 18 days since they received the last one but I have a smart meter and they should get readings half hourly and the energy graph shows very  high usage cant get a sensible answer from scottish power

posted by Morton | 3 years ago

Avoid thyis company like the plague. 

They are incompetent 

posted by Howardstressed | 3 years ago

One aspect of 10 months of sheer hell..............

Further to the below complaint, I have never had any proper message to say this has been resolved although on checking my accounts the right meters do now appear to be recorded for the right three addresses but I remain concerned about your ability to record the meter readings and provide me with accurate accounts.


My ombudsman service complaint reference is 01685598-01.


I have just submitted two up to date meter readings for accounts 49981426010 and 16004423712 after getting an email to inform me you could not get a reading from the smart meters that were fitted in March 2018??!


I have also had a request for a meter reading for account 49981450010 Capel Garizim which is empty and does not use power. I have tried to submit he current reading of 18842 but your records show the incorrect reading of one of the smart meters on the other accounts which is meant to have been sorted out. Consequently your online system is unable to process the correct meter reading and I have tried to get on web chat and phone you up but the waiting time as usual is intolerable.  On 27/10/18 the meter reading for this account was 18838 which illustrates how little power is used. The account is well in credit due to you overcharging because of your incorrect customers and meter information.


I have twice previously sent photographic evidence of the meter readings for the 50010 account but refuse to travel another 300 miles to do the same again. I have saved well over £1000 to settle my bills with you given you instructed me to cancel the three direct debits in September 2018 because the smart meter records and billing was in such an inaccurate mess.


I am not paying anything until I am satisfied that all three online accounts reflect up to date accurate information and the smart meters you so adamantly promoted are actually doing what they are meant to do instead of drive a customer to distraction.



Mr Howard Riley


posted by ashish | 3 years ago

Hi Im on hold on phone from last 1 hour regarding my bill but no one is answering. What am I suppose to do please

posted by mirza | 3 years ago

hi everyone,

Just a quick information about scottish power. Its not a reliable energy supplier. my electric usage for the month of Jan2019 is £46.58 but my bill is £104. this is totally annoying. Customer service is one of the worse one. Those who are on scottish power change their energy supplier.  Totally non professional company.

bye every one


posted by johnallenby | 3 years ago

In a document sent to me on 19th December 2018 it identifies the cost of my usage for gas and electric as being 1,233 on the Help beat cancer fixed tariff. However I pay 125.54 per month which for 12 months is 1506.48 . can you explain the difference. Thank you.

John Allenby

posted by AK | 3 years ago

Just received my first bill - and horrified.

No chat available - and it seems this is typing chat - as I cannot find a proper phone number anywhere. Even the typing chat is not available.

No idea how my first reading after a few weeks is clocking up a bill which used to be about my year's usage with my last provider. Not a very impressive start and I see I am not alone. About to go away where there is no online facility so will have to wait to resolve this issue till I can get to a computer.

posted by LDBrooks | 3 years ago

I wholeheartedly agree.

posted by clare | 3 years ago

i have been on the phone for 1hour 2 mins and still nobody has answered 

= very poor customer care 

posted by Peter1956 | 3 years ago

I look after my mother's affairs for the flat that she lives in.  Around February 2017, I foolishly transferred to Scottish Power from EDF. Purely a decision made on price. My mother has a meter with two rates on - I guess it may still be called an Economy 7 meter? EDF sent the final readings to Scottish Power who managed to transpose them. Since April 2017 I have tried unsuccessfully to get this error corrected. Every time I contact Scottish Power I am issued with a complaint ref number and told that someone will be in touch normally within 5 days...... In April 18, I received an email from Mrs Chris Buoey saying that she would arrange for a Customer Liaison Officer to attend the property to get meter readings. Just as well I didn't wait in, I'd still be waiting...... They have been using estimated readings during all of that time. Each quarter the estimated bills were around £200. Their estinmated reading for the last quarter was £872!!!!! With all the complaints SP get, somebody in authority should be coming dopwn on them like a ton of bricks. From all of the bad publicity they've had, Ofgem should have taken away their licence years ago.

posted by Mysterye1975 | 3 years ago

I have contacted Scottish Power over the following platforms Facebook messenger, Twitter and phone app and online chat but yet to no avail and would like to raise this as a complaint as I am trying to get yourselves a new customer yet yourselves seem uninterested in getting new customers. Your Online chat always seems unavailable.


I have provided details of my brother who is interested in becoming a customer of yours however the limited response I have received from your company make me think do I really want to promote your company and look for a different electric and Gas supplier myself.

posted by Sandiealice | 3 years ago

I was supposed to read my meter and send it off but having tried to read the dam thing the online form was saying the zeros has to be a number.. well the meter reading says zeros then four numbers! Hoe do I know how to read the dam thing!!  Send someone over to read it please as they know what they are doing.

One other thing where's my pre payment cards for the gas and electric??? Three weeks now and still waiting. Worried about the gas and electric running out. So far we haven't.

posted by bored | 3 years ago

Sat here for an hour and a half waiting  for a call center, to answer my call, back on deacon blue now. if that person tells me that they have high call volumes again and that they will answer my call shortly, i might not belive them. 21.01 26/3/2019

posted by Chelwood83 | 3 years ago
My accounts

Shown below are the accounts that you have with ScottishPower.



Your account is still being setup. Please try again later.


Can anyone please help? I try to pay my bills online since of february.

posted by AK | 3 years ago

I had a large first bill which I queried. 

Like another customer, the online reading box refused to accept a zero so I went to the next figure - a 7 (big mistake).  This has caused confusion. I have explained this on the phone but Scottish Power won't have it. I was told then that they had had my reading from my former supplier, and that they had supplied a reading from two bills beforehand . I had to call the former supplier (which I should not have had to do: why SP can't make a phone call to correct their systems is beyond me) who said they had not been asked for a reading by SP at all, but not to worry they would call Scottish Power and sort it out. In addition, they could not understand why SP took two electricity readings - they only ever used one metre. 

I have offered to pay the gas bill - which is correct and unproblematic - but I have been told I can't- it all has to be in one payment. Today I have a nasty letter from Scottish Power saying my  account is now in the Escalated Collections process, still demanding the wrong figure - they have done nothing about resolving their issue at all. I am aghast at this when it should be me writing such unpleasant letters to them. I am intending to retrun to my fomer supplier, while more costly, I never once had this grief, nor unprofessioanlism..


posted by Tooling | 3 years ago

Our Electricity and Gas were taken over by Scottish Power Dec 2018 (Extraenergy) I have sent various meter readings, and have been told all our accounts have been set up, they have not taken any D/D from December 2018, my last phone call was that if (when) i receive my bills i dont have to pay the bills straight away, but i am getting fed up by going from post to post. Apparently they dont want our money. But dont shout when you want it. 

posted by scotpowerEE1 | 2 years ago

Pray that you don't have to speak to one of the incompetents at Scottish Power

posted by Colmlindley | 2 years ago

I have had solar panels fitted for over 3 and a half years and I have never received a fit payment, on top of that my meter is running backwards yet Scottish power still charge me for electricity, I got Tesco finance to buy the panels and that's costing me around 90 quid a month, MY panels are registered on your system, October 2015. A lot of paperwork I posted to scottish power on their request has apparently been lost in the post,  seriously if this cant be sorted soon,,, along with the £1350  in credit that scottish power holds of my money, then social media will be getting a sniff of the whole debacle. Enough is enough.

posted by Colmlindley | 2 years ago

I've been thinking myself about the drive to Glasgow, face to face they gotta do something.


posted by Josephine | 2 years ago

Can any tell me what time cheap rate starts and ends on economy 7 standard  pay as you go meter? 🚫😬💰


posted by JSPK | A year ago


posted by Birder | A year ago

Wehn I had a smart meter installed I expected to be billed for my exact power usage each month, yet the company continue to take too much d/d paments, with the end result they continue to sit on large sums of my money. same as prior to smart meter installation.

so what is the point, ? They have my up to date readings every day why cant they take the exact amount owing. ? and stop this profit making on my large credit amount in their bank a/c.

Not pleased D.Hinotn

posted by foxybuns | A year ago

why does this not show my bills and payments been saying come back later for months.i want to know what im paying.and after years of being messed around I'm seriously thinking of changing suppliers.does nothing ever work properly at Scottish power 

posted by foxybuns | A year ago

why do you have an online app that doesn't work?

posted by rural-economist | A year ago

Most dismayed that no one in Scottish Power is prepared to respond to our complaint ( 10 March 2020). It is no surprise that the Energy Ombudsman is regularly contacted.

posted by Corolldraw | A year ago

We have been asking for a bill for accounts for the past 6 months  - Can we have one please ??????????

posted by rural-economist | A year ago

My case is now thankfully with the Energy Ombudsman Ref EG044903-20 as Scottish Power failed to respond to my formal letter of complaint back in March. Their most recent letter simply diverted me to an incorrect email address for the Ombudsman possibly to delay a response even further. I should definitely have stayed with my previous supplier who charged me around £3.00 per day for my supply not almost £10 per day - a 200% increase!!. 

posted by Jususan | A year ago

Hi.  I am glad I am not the only person having problems with Scottish Power.

I have been trying to switch supplier and am experiencing hurdles.  The latest is that I should settle the account, but how can I settle a nil balance before I can switch to another supplier.   I agree at the moment with another made avoid them like the plague.

posted by iiii | A year ago

I would like to talk to Lynda Clayton

posted by iiii | A year ago

Has anyone ever had a conversation with Lynda Clayton

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