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Making your home more energy efficient

posted by  Eilidh | A year ago

As winter approaches it’s a good time to start thinking about making your home more energy efficient. Here are our top tips to help you save energy in your home over the winter.

 Insulation  It’s a good idea to make sure the insulation in your home is in good condition. Homes lose up to 35%1 of heat through the walls and another 25% through the roof. By installing cavity wall insulation, you could save £110 a year on your heating bills plus, up to £145 a year by topping up the insulation in your loft1.

Insulate your hot water cylinder – Insulating your hot water cylinder is one of the easiest ways to save energy. A lagging jacket for your water cylinder is only around £15, so it should pay for itself in months. Or if you already have one, check it’s at least 75mm thick2.

New appliances – Moving house is the perfect time to have a look at your appliances and decide on whether they need replaced. If you do buy new white goods, look out for the energy efficiency rating. “A” rated appliances are the most efficient and cheapest to run. You could save more than you think – an Energy Saving Recommended washing machine could cut your energy use by up to a third1.

Switch off – Switch appliances off at the wall when they’re not being used, instead of leaving them on standby. Even chargers are still using energy when left plugged in. It seems a small thing, but Great Britain wastes nearly £1 billion in energy by leaving appliances on standby (which amounts to around £80 a year for you) – it all adds up!1+3.

Lighting – Make sure all of the lightbulbs in your home are energy efficient ones. Energy saving light bulbs last up to 10 times longer than ordinary ones and could save you £40 over the lifetime of each bulb1.

Curtain up – It’s always fun deciding on the décor for your home, but you can actually make your home more energy efficient at the same time. Buy thick, lined curtains to help stop heat escaping through the windows. Energy efficient, and looks homely and cosy, too1.




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