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Leaving ScottishPower

If you decide to leave us we’ll be really sorry to see you go but we think switching to a new supplier should be hassle free. That’s why, if you do go, we create a Switching Progress Tracker within your Online Account.It will guide you through the process right through until we close your account.

The steps below show what’s involved in leaving ScottishPower and outline what you need to do.

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Step 1 - Switch Starting

  • Your new supplier will tell us you’re leaving and we’ll start the process to settle and close your account. If there’s only a short gap between each fuel switching we’ll send the bills to you together in one envelope/e-mail.
  • If you pay by Direct Debit, please don’t cancel – we’ll need to collect payments due before your supply transfers and once we finalise your account it’s quicker for us to give you any refunds or collect your final payment this way.
  • Please give your new supplier meter readings when they ask - they’ll use these readings to set up your new account and will send them to us to allow us to create your final bill.
  • If you have a prepayment meter and you have an outstanding debt with us, your new supplier may be willing to have the debt transferred to them. We’ll be in touch to explain what happens next. You can find out more about this process here.

Step 2 - Switch Complete

  • Your energy will switch to your new supplier within 3 weeks of the date of your application with your new supplier.
  • Your meter reading should be sent to us now from your new supplier to allow us to create your final bill.
  • If you have a prepayment meter, your new supplier will provide you with a new payment card/key.

Step 3 - Final Bill Created

  • We’ll create and send your final bill within 6 weeks of your energy switching to your new supplier. If you take both gas and electricity from us it’s quite normal for them to progress at slightly different times. That’s why we’ll issue you with separate final bills for each fuel.
  • We’ll ask you to pay any outstanding balance on your account or we’ll issue you with a refund if one is due. If we owe you more than £5, we’ll refund you within 14 days either directly into your bank account if you pay by Direct Debit, or we’ll send you a cheque if you don’t. If you’ve cancelled your Direct Debit we’ll send you a cheque within 3 weeks. If you have a credit balance under £5 you need to Contact Us to claim your refund.

Step 4 - Energy Account Closed

  • Once all payments or refunds have been made we’ll close your account but you’ll still be able to access your Online Account if you have one in case you need to view your previous bills or usage.

Updated by Eilidh | 16 Apr 18

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