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ScottishPower Small Business complaints

At ScottishPower we aim to give our gas and electricity customers the best possible service. But if something's gone wrong, we always investigate, and do everything we can to put things right. We’ve tried to make our complaint process as simple as possible by following a 3 stage approach. The first step to resolving your complaint is to contact us, where you can chat to us or give us a call.


Stage one


Call us

We are now operating a reduced service in our call centres. To help those most in need, we are only able to take calls from customers who are at risk of going off supply.

If you are at risk of going off supply, please call 0800 027 0072.

Your issue is still important to us, so if you'd like to speak to our customer service team please email us at contactus@scottishpower.com and we’ll respond as soon as possible

Stage two


We are working to resolve your issue

If we can’t resolve your issue straight away we’ll assign your complaint to a specialist complaint handler. They will get in touch with you and work to resolve this to your satisfaction. 

Please note that during this time whilst we are working to a reduced service this could take longer than normal.

Stage three


Escalate your complaint to our Customer Service Director

To have reached this stage you will have already told us about your issue and have a complaint with us.

As we are now operating a reduce service we need to ensure our staff are handling calls from our customers that are at risk of going off supply and are most vulnerable. For this reason, it is not possible to escalate your complaint at this time but please be reassured your complaint handler will be in touch as soon as is possible to resolve your issue.

For more detailed information on how we will handle your complaint, download our complaints procedure.

Download our complaints procedure


Our complaints performance

You can view our performance in handling complaints over the last 4 quarters and the overall performance for the last year.

Updated by ScottishPower | 27 Mar 20

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