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EV Charging FAQs

1 - Why should I charge my electric car at home?

If you have access to off-road parking, you can charge your electric car at home. Home charging is convenient and reliable, and gives you the option of charging your car overnight while taking advantage of cheap unit rates offered through Time of Use energy tariffs. For more information on ScottishPower’s Electric Vehicle energy tariff, click here. You can find out more about our Smart EV home charger above.

2 - What grants are available towards home charging, and am I eligible?

There is currently government funding available (subject to eligibility) for those looking to install electric vehicle charging at home from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV). For residents in Scotland, additional funding can be recovered from the Energy Savings Trust (EST)

OLEV Funding

Currently £350 towards the cost of your home charger can be recovered through the OZEV grant. If eligible, ScottishPower are able to recover the funding on your behalf and discount this upfront from your charger price. You can check your eligibility as part of your online purchase. More information on the grant can be found on the OZEV website. 

EST Funding

If you are a resident in Scotland, you may also be able to benefit from an additional grant of up to £250 offered by the Energy Savings Trust (EST). More information on eligibility and applying can be found on their website.

3 - How much does having an electric vehicle charger installed at home cost?

Our EV charger price is £899, this includes standard installation.  You can find out more about what is included in a standard installation below. The cost of buying and installing a charger at home can be reduced for many people by taking advantage of government funding offered by the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV). For those eligible for the £350 OZEV funding, the charger cost can be reduced to £549. If you are a resident in Scotland, you may also be able to benefit from an additional grant of up to £250 offered by the Energy Savings Trust reducing the cost to £299. More information on eligibility and applying can be found on their website. More information can be found on these above.

ScottishPower Smart EV Home Charger with Standard Installation Cost

Smart EV home charger


With OZEV grant


With OZEV grant and EST grant



4 - What happens after you purchase the Smart EV Homecharger?

After you have purchased your charger, you will be asked to complete an online survey to let us understand your individual installation requirements. This will involve you providing us pictures of your existing electrical system, such as your fuse box, electricity meter, and your preferred charger location. Further information will be provided to you after you have purchased your charger to guide you through this. Once this is complete, our installation partner will then be in touch to discuss your charger installation in more detail.

5 - What happens during the installation?

Once you purchase your charger from ScottishPower and have completed your online survey, our installation partner will be in touch to guide you through the requirements and agree a suitable time for this to take place. A standard installation will take 2-4 hours, and is carried out by partners who are fully OZEV and EST accredited. Ahead of the installation, you will need to make sure your Wi-Fi and smartphone are available to allow for full set-up of your charger and the mobile app.

6 - What is included as part of a standard installation?

The price you pay us for your home charger includes standard installation

What's included in a standard installation

  • Up to 15 meters of cable between your electricity meter and charger
  • Cable must be able to be surface mounted and clipped to wall surface
  • Cable can be drilled through one hole in a wall up to 500mm thick, if needed
  • Up to 3 meters of plastic conduit to conceal interior wiring
  • Set up of the connection between your charge point and your mobile device
  • Overview of how to use your charger and manage it with the mobile ap
  • An earth rod in soft ground, if required

We also make the following assumptions:

  • The existing switchboard has available space
  • The service fuse is 80amps or greater
  • There is an isolation switch between your meter and switchboard
  • If an earthing rod is required, it can be inserted into soft ground
  • There are no additional groundworks required

After purchasing your charger, you will complete an online survey for us to determine your installation requirements. : As part of this online survey you will be asked to supply photographs of your property and existing electrical system (e.g. your fuse board) Once this is complete your installer will help you choose the best position for your Smart EV home charger. On the day agreed between the installer and you for your installation to take place, the installer will

  • Attach your charge point to the wall by drilling fixings and clipping the cable to the wall
  • Install an earthing rod into soft ground near to your charger
  • Turn off your electricity for a short time while installing your charge point to connect it to the main supply
  • Help set up the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection between you charge point and your mobile device
  • Show you how to use your charge point and manage it with the ScottishPower app
  • Conduct a final safety test and your charge point will then be ready to use

A standard installation relies on there being a meter isolation switch installed as part of your electrical system. If you do not have one, we fit one as part of your installation for an additional cost or help you arrange this independently.

For more details on what is included in a standard installation, call our EV team for more information on 0800 027 0004

On occasion, additional non-standard work may be required. If this is the case, our installer will discuss this with you before commencing work. Further information on non-standard installations, please see the section below.

7 - What happens if my installation is non-standard?

Our installer will work with you to understand any non-standard requirements you may need as part of your installation and discuss potential solutions. For example, you may need additional cabling, upgrades to your existing fuse boards, or ground works. Any additional works will be quoted and agreed with you prior to work starting. If you decide not to proceed at this point, you will have the right to cancel your charger purchase and we will provide you with a full refund.

8 - Do I need to be a ScottishPower energy customer to buy a ScottishPower Smart EV Home Charger?

To buy and use our charger, you do not need to be a ScottishPower energy customer. However, we do have a range of energy tariffs available to help you make the most of your home charger. Our electric vehicle tariff gives you the option of cheaper rates at off-peak times, with 100% of electricity coming from Renewable sources. You can find out more information on our electric vehicle tariff here

9 - How do I rearrange my ScottishPower Smart EV Charger installation appointment ?

If you need to reschedule your charge point installation, please call our installer on the telephone number shown on the appointment email from your installer.  If you’ve lost your appointment email then please call our general enquiries number 0800 027 0004 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

10 - I’ve bought a Smart EV Charger from ScottishPower but I have changed my mind? 

We want you to be completely happy with your decision to purchase your Smart EV Charger however you can cancel up to 24 hours before installation by calling free on 0800 027 0004, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. We’ll refund your payment within 14 days to the card you used for purchase. We’ll also contact our installer to let them know you’ve changed your mind and if your installation appointment has already been agreed they will cancel this for you. There will be no need for you to do anything else. 


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