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EV Charging FAQs

  1. I’ve bought a Smart EV Charge Point from ScottishPower but I’ve changed my mind? We want you to be completely happy with your decision to purchase your Smart EV Charge Point and you can cancel at any time before your new charge point is installed by calling us free on 0800 975 7879, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.  We’ll refund your payment within 14 days to the card you used to pay for it.  We’ll also contact our installer to let them know you’ve changed your mind; if your installation appointment has already been agreed they will cancel this for you.  There’s no need for you to do anything else.
  1. Can I buy a Smart EV Charge Point from ScottishPower if my supplier for gas or electricity is not ScottishPower? Yes, you don’t need to be a ScottishPower energy customer to buy a Smart EV Charge Point.
  1. What do I need to use the smart functionality of the ScottishPower Smart EV Charge Point? You’ll need a compatible Android or i0S Smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity.
  1. Who installs my ScottishPower Smart EV Charge Point? Our installation partner is Wallbox.  They have a network of installers across Great Britain who are highly experienced at installing charge points and are City & Guilds accredited electricians.
  1. How long does it take to install my ScottishPower Smart EV Charge Point? Your charge point installation should take about two hours providing there is no additional work required for your installation.  If installation can’t be completed on the day because of supply related problems or unexpected extra works then your installer will arrange a new installation date.
  1. How do I rearrange my ScottishPower Smart EV Charge Point installation? If you need to reschedule your charge point installation, please call our installer on the telephone number shown on the Appointment Email from your installer.  If you’ve lost you Appointment Email then please call our general enquiries number 0800 975 7879, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
  1. My charge point installation doesn’t meet the criteria for a standard installation, what happens next? If your installation doesn't meet the criteria for a standard installation (see What is Included in a Standard Installation?) an additional cost may be incurred.  If the additional work is minor and it fits within the installer’s schedule for the day they may be able to take payment from you and complete it there and then. If a part is required, they may have to come back another day. If you decide not to proceed, a full refund will be provided for any payment that you've already made.
  1. What do I need to prepare for the installation of my ScottishPower Smart EV Charge Point? To prepare for the installation of your EV charge point, please:
  • Have your mobile device ready and charged
  • Safely clear the area around your electricity meter
  • Download the ScottishPower app for Apple here and Android here if you haven’t already 
  1. What is the installation process for my ScottishPower Smart EV charge point? Your installer will confirm their arrival time with you in advance by telephone and send you an Appointment Email to confirm your appointment.  Your installer will:
  • Help you choose the best position for your charge point based on your power supply and how you park your car
  • Attach your charge point to the wall by drilling fixings and clipping the cable to the wall
  • Turn off your electricity for a short time while installing your charge point to connect it to the main supply
  • Help set up the Bluetooth connection between you charge point and your mobile device
  • Show you how to use your charge point and manage it with the ScottishPower app
  • Conduct a final safety test and your charge point will then be ready to use.
  1. What is included in a standard installation? A standard installation package includes:
  • The fitting of the charge point on a brick or plaster wall, or to another suitable permanent structure.
  • Up to 15 metres of black cable, run and neatly clipped to the wall between the distribution board / electricity supply meter and the charge point.
  • Routing of the cable through a drilled hole in a wall up to 500mm (20 inches) thick, where needed.
  • The fitting and testing of electrical connections and protections required for the charge point.
  • An additional three way consumer unit, if required.
  • Installation of a Type C MCB and a Type A RCD in an RCBO enclosure.
  • Up to 3 metres (10 feet) of plastic conduit to conceal interior wiring.
  • An earth rod in soft ground, if required.What are the terms and conditions of my EV charge point installation?

You can find the full EV charge point terms and condition here   Some of the conditions and limitations include: 

  • You will need to confirm that you are eligible to receive the Government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) grant. Your installer will ask you to sign a declaration before they start work. (You can see a table of the information your installer will ask to see in Question 11).
  • The charge point must be located in your designated off-street parking area and be fixed at a height where it can’t be hit by a vehicle.
  • A cable cannot be fixed higher than 1.8 metres (6 feet) above the ground. If fixing higher than this is unavoidable then the installation may need to be paused - in that case your installer will quote for any extra work needed.
  • Your installer can’t, as part of the standard installation, trench the cable underground or suspend it above ground - if something like this is required please contact us so you can get a quote in advance.
  • A cable cannot be run under floorboards or through ducting / ceiling voids / wall voids without a draw cord (to pull the cable through), or if the floorboards have not been lifted. Your installer cannot take responsibility for reinstating flooring or other building materials after the cable has been laid.
  • Your installer is not able to work in crawl spaces, on roofs or in lofts if it is deemed unsafe by them. They are not able to work in extreme weather (i.e. flooding or intense rain).  If it is not safe to carry on, they will do as much as they can and return at a later date.

 11. What will I need to provide to my EV charge point installer to confirm my eligibility for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge (EVHS) scheme? If you are eligible for an Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) grant for your EV charge point, your installer will ask for certain information and documents.   The information your installer will ask to see is:

Your Vehicle

Accepted Documentation

I am the registered keeper / I have ordered the vehicle

  • Copy of the V5C form
  • Copy of order confirmation
  • Copy of other proof of purchase

I am leasing or have a finance agreement for this vehicle


Official headed documentation that you are the user of the vehicle for more than 6 months

  • Copy of leasing confirmation
  • Copy of Hire purchase agreement
  • Copy of personal contract hire agreement
  • Copy of personal purchase agreement
  • Copy of Motability  order or contract
  • Copy of letter from leasing company providing use of the vehicle (must include company registration number)

I am nominated user of employer vehicle

  • Letter from employer proving use for more than 6 months (providing company registration number, VAT-registration number or attach separate HMRC registration confirmation)

I have leased the vehicle as part of a salary sacrifice scheme

  • Letter from employer proving use for more than 6 months (providing company registration number, VAT-registration number or attach separate HMRC registration confirmation)
  • Order Confirmation


In addition to the above, all customers must provide the following information to the installer on the day of installation to confirm they are eligible for the Electric Vehicle Home Scheme:

·         Name of Primary Vehicle User (the Customer)

·         Installation Address

·         Customer Phone number

·         Customer email address

·         Vehicle make and model (must be eligible for the Grant)Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)*

*The VRN must be provided where the customer has possession of the vehicle on the day of installation. If the vehicle is on order, please provide your name, address, chargepoint ID and VRN to the DVLA within 28 days of the delivery of the vehicle.


·         For vehicles on order, please provide the estimated delivery date (which should be no more than four months from the date of installation and should be the same date that appears on your vehicle order form. If, for any reason, these dates do not match, an explanation should be provided) and one of the following identification numbers:

·         Order number

·         Reference number

·         Arrangement number

·         Agreement number

·         Enquiry/quotation number

If your order confirmation does not include any of the above, please contact your vehicle provider to obtain one, otherwise this application will be ineligible.

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