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Financial help

We understand that it’s a challenging time for many households. If you need additional support paying for your energy bills, there are several ways ScottishPower and other organisations can help:

StepChange Debt Charity

For free and independent debt advice you can contact the StepChange Debt Charity. They can help you work out a budget based on what income you have coming in, how much you need to spend and what you have left to pay your debts. It’s helpful if you have a note of your incomings and outgoings to hand. We can then discuss a repayment method with you based on their advice.

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Repayment plan for your arrears

If you’re struggling to pay for your energy bills, we may be able to arrange a repayment plan. This lets you repay any arrears over a period of time with a regular agreed amount, based on what you’re able to afford. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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The MoneyHelper service offers free and impartial advice on areas such as budgeting and checking your entitlements to help improve your finances.

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Hardship Fund

If you’re on a lower income and are struggling to pay your energy bills, you may be eligible for our Hardship Fund. You can apply by calling the StepChange Debt Charity or any other debt advice agency. They’ll help fill in your application and, if you’re eligible, we’ll clear all or part of your debt balance. This also applies if you have a prepayment meter.

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Winter Fuel Payment 

If you were born on or before 26th September 1955, you may be eligible for an annual tax-free payment between £100 and £300.

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Cold Weather Payment 

The Cold Weather Payment scheme runs from 1st November 2021 to 31st March 2022. During this time, if the temperature where you live dips to zero degrees or below for seven days in a row, you’ll get £25 for each seven-day period.

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Working from home 

You may be eligible for tax relief for additional household costs, like your gas and electricity, if you must work from home regularly. This includes instances relating to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Pay As You Go - Emergency credit 

If your gas or electricity prepayment meter is showing less than £1 and you’re not able to top up right away, you can activate £5 emergency credit. Remember, when your meter’s in emergency credit mode, you’re using gas and electricity that you’ve not paid for, so you’ll have to pay it back next time you top up.

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Pay As You Go - Friendly credit hours

If you have a prepayment meter, it comes with a safety function that ensures your energy supply won’t turn off if you run out of credit during periods when it may be difficult to top up. This lasts from 6pm – 11am Monday to Saturday and all-day Sunday and bank holidays, providing there was credit at the start of the period.

Don’t forget, you’ll need to pay back any credit you use over this period the next time you top up. Please note, the friendly credit hours function is not available for traditional gas meters. However, you can get in touch with us to discuss other ways we can support you.

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Pay As You Go - Off-supply process

If you have additional needs or require extra help with your energy account and you report to us that you’ve gone off supply, we will call you back after 4 hours to ensure an engineer has restored your power supply.

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Updated by spower | 29 Mar 22

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