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What do I need to do when I have a tenant moving in or out of a property?

It's really important that you let us know when you’ve a tenant moving in or out of a property. If you don't tell us we might end up billing the wrong person for energy that has been used at the property.

What information do you need when I notify you of a change of tenant?

The more information you can provide, the smoother the process will be for everyone, it is good practice to provide the following:

Your Details: So we know who is contacting us and whose instructions we are following. If there is an issue or if we need further information we know who to contact.

As we hear from Letting Agents, Local Authorities and Housing Associations we also ask that you tell us the landlord details (see below).

Landlord Details: When there is no tenant residing in a rented property the landlord is responsible for the daily standing charge and any gas and/or electricity used at the property during this time, for example heating/lighting whilst showing potential tenants around the property. The landlord details will be used to maintain contact with the landlord including issuing bills for any energy costs during this time.

Rented Property Details: So that we can complete the change of tenancy for the right property, when contacting us please provide:

  • Meter readings for each fuel ScottishPower supplies the property with (note that for electricity there might be more than one reading, please provide all readings available)
  • The date of the move (when did the tenant move out or when is the new tenant moving in. If these dates are not the same date, please let us know in the additional supporting information box at the bottom of the web form)
  • The forwarding address for the tenant moving out of the property
  • The name of the tenant moving in to the property? (If no one is moving in the landlord is responsible for any charges )
  • Telephone number of old and new tenant
  • Email address of tenant moving in (we will use this to contact the new customer inviting them to choose their preferred tariff/product)

Is there a Prepayment Meter at the property?

If there is a Prepayment Meter at the property we will also need to know the current credit or debit balance on the meter. You can insert this into the additional commentary box at the bottom of the web form.

If the property has been vacant for a long time, there may be a debit balance on the Prepayment Meter and we will need to clear this for the new tenant to re-connect the supply. We will need to do this before the new tenant purchases any credit for the meter.

For help to read your meter, please click here

What happens next?

We will contact your new tenant and welcome them to ScottishPower, and make them aware of our range of tariffs and payment methods so that they can choose which suits their needs best.

We will contact your old tenant with details of their final balance, ask for any debt to be paid or issue any refund that may be due to them.

Remember the landlord is responsible for the daily standing charge and any energy used when the property is empty.

To notify us of a move in or move out please call us at 0800 280 2940 - Lines are open: 8:30am - 7pm weekdays and 8:30am - 1pm Saturday.

Please save this link to your favourites for any future home moves.

Updated by ScottishPower | 9 May 19

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