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08001560131 is this Scottish power?

posted by amyjane | 6 months ago

I have had multiple phone calls from this number claiming to be scotish power asking about installing a new smart meter. when I googled this number there are multiple people claiming this is a fake number. Can somebody let me know if this is for real?

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posted by Jonnel | 6 months ago
Re: 08001560131 is this Scottish power?

@amyjane Yes, it's a Scottish Power number, the one they use to pester people into having smart meters fitted.

The reason it comes up as suspect on Who-Called and 180Info etc is because scammers can overlay caller display and divert call-backs to hide the number they're actually calling from, so it's not always possible to be sure who's calling. This number is one they've been known to use.

Safest thing to do is treat it as you would all cold-callers and don't give out any personal information until you've been able to establish they are who they say they are.