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16,000 kWh a year for gas?

posted by Bobbss | A year ago
Hello guys,

I'm curious as to whether or not it's right that someone living in a one up, one down, who lives alone, can be paying around £150 pcm for gas and electric? My colleagues who have a family of four, pay less than me, and i'm struggling to pay this amount. It seems really excessive, but i'm not too knowledgable when it comes to gas and electric, etc.

Last month I was paying £90 a month, but ran the heating for a couple of days at two hourly intervals and have had a new estimate of £150... Is it possible for my gas to be this expensive?
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posted by Jonnel | A year ago
Re: 16,000 kWh a year for gas?
Not really enough information to say for sure but that 16,000 kWh does seem excessive. Where did that figure come from, an annual bill? The reason I say not enough info. is that you don't say if your meter readings have been actuals, or if the latest one that generated the DD increase was an actual and previous readings were all were estimates... Estimated bills are what usually catch people out. If you've had estimated bills for a while and just had an actual then you could have been building up a debt over a number of months or years even and the actual reading has re-calculated a huge rise to begin paying it off.
You could also have a faulty meter, an old inefficient C/H boiler, or the DD increase could be because winter is coming and SP have upped it to compensate. Perhaps the DD increase is because of electricity use? Perhaps your old fixed rate tariff ended?. There are a number of reasons to account for an increase in DD, but not gas usage of 16,000 - I'm tempted to say you could have a leak but surely you would have smelled it. Perhaps the meter is faulty. - is it a smart meter? Does the display give reasonably expected figures?

If I were you I would examine the data you have over the last year, see where the usage peaks, check which readings were actuals, not estimates and go from there - it's really difficult to compare one household to another because we all live differently, but if that 16,000 is from an actual bill, something seems to be wrong, you just need to pinpoint it.