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2 metres and 2 MPANs - change to 1 smart meter

posted by Kas_77 | A month ago

I have an electricity-only system with 2 metres (and 2 MPANs). It is my understanding that the system is connected to the storage heaters in the flat, which I'm keen to get rid of. I have two of those, but only one is used. It is old though, keeps breaking and having looked into it, I'm sure there are better solutions on offer. I have other heaters in the flat that are not on a night tariff, neither is the water heater, so this system certainly does not save me any money, it actually costs me way more than a one-meter system would as the day rate is very expensive and most of my electricity usage is charged at the day rate).

It has been indicated to me that if I change my heating system, then Scottish Power can put me on a one-meter system and take down the heating meter. Is this true? What does it involve? How long does it take?  I'm more than happy to cover whatever cost comes with it (in the long run, it will save me money, I did some calculations), is there anything I can do myself to speed it up? Can I get an electrician in to replace the heater and re-wire the system and then get Scottish Power to update it on the national grid? I have read a lot about this so understand this is a complex issue and it doesn't look too optimistic, but I'd appreciate any advice. NB I don't have gas and it's not available where I'm based, also would prefer as green energy as possible.

If I find anything in the meantime, I'll post it here as well, as I'm sure many people are looking for information on it. One of the options suggested in another thread was to switch the supplier to MyOvo - unfortunately, they currently don't supply to customers with two MPANs and can't tell whether they will be able to in the near future (they used to; but they've had a recent change of their billing system and it doesn't support 2 MPANs - which is a shame, cause their standard rate is lower than my control rate....).


posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: 2 metres and 2 MPANs - change to 1 smart meter


Lets say meter1 supplies the general electricity in the property and meter2 only supplies the storage heaters. SP should be able to remove meter2, it is up to them if they want to change meter1 to smart at the same time. As waiting times are long you could speed things by paying an electrician to disconnect your storage heaters from meter2. By doing this the readings will no longer increase and all your bills will arise from meter1. However send in regular meter readings or SP will bill you for estimates on meter2.
Your account with SP is a two rate system, after disconnecting meter2 you must ask SP to put you on a single rate system. If they install a smart meter for meter1 you could ask them for a two rate system based on meter1 and your night time water and heating will be cheaper, but the day rate is slightly higher than a single rate tariff.

This topic has been discussed a lot under the heading Comfort Plus which is a system unique to SP.


posted by comfortplvictim | 4 weeks ago
Re: 2 metres and 2 MPANs - change to 1 smart meter

I have fought with Scottigh Power over the past year and been to the energy ombudsman. If you are on these types of meters they chose to put you on a more expensive tariff than some single rate tariffs. They also say they can not fit a smart meter with this system.By law they should be putting you on a single rate tariff if you request it eithout changing the meter (see attached) but they seem to be allowed to make any excusefo not doing so!

I am keen to start a comfort plus support group andtake this further!