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2nd Generation meters ?

posted by djmattc | 4 weeks ago


Any update on when SMETS2 2nd generation meters will be rolling out?

I'm a very keen to monitor my electricity and understand that other companies are rolling them out now.



Top answer

posted by Davc | 4 weeks ago
Re: 2nd Generation meters ?

SP have started to use Smets2 but not yet across all areas, if you want Smets2 better wait another few months. 

posted by keithrogers | 3 weeks ago
Re: 2nd Generation meters ?

Is SP fitting  Smet2 meters?

posted by keithrogers | 3 weeks ago
Re: 2nd Generation meters ?
All meters fitted after March first are supposed to be SMET 2.

posted by JayEE | 3 weeks ago
Re: 2nd Generation meters ?
I had a 2nd gen meter fitted on Tuesday. It seems to be working ok as far a usage in kWh is recorded, but on the home page the price per unit is wrong. Today's 8.30 kWh at a cost of £9.43. So it's flashing weekly budget exceeded. So they are charging me about £1.11 per kWh. I have tried to call and have waited for over an hour 3 times. The on line chat is not working. Want to check that they are charging me.

posted by Davc | 3 weeks ago
Re: 2nd Generation meters ?
Hey Jay. Whatever your IHD says is definitely not your bill. IHDs often give wrong price info.

posted by howard1408 | A week ago
Re: 2nd Generation meters ?

About to have a second Gen Smart Meter fitted. Is this going to cause me grief or are the issues solved. Will the device be of benefit. 

posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: 2nd Generation meters ?
Hi Smets2 meters send their data to a government database and so can be used by any fuel supplier. The new meters also have a stronger signal within the home so IHDs stay in touch more easily. Otherwise very similar to Smets1.

posted by Ambodach | 16 hours ago
Re: 2nd Generation meters ?

Booked a Smart meter installation for today 22/03/19.   Checked repeatedly that it would be a SMET2 meter.    Engineer turned up with a Smet 1!  To be fair he knew I would likely refuse fitting as his job card said I wished a Smet 2.  The final date for fitting Smet 1's was supposed to be mid March but this has been extended again.  I would advise anyone wanting a SMET2 to hold off for several months as who knows if the date will be extended again.