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3 tier meter swap out

posted by stevel98 | A year ago


I have asked for my old 3 tier meter to be swapped for an E7 meter. How long does this process take? 

I need to do this as despite my energy useage being lower these days, SP are billing me three times higher than they used to and so I simply cannot afford £200+ per month now for a  two bed cottage (heated by a wood burning stove!)


posted by  PaulJ | A year ago
Re: 3 tier meter swap out

Hi Stevel98

The Economy 2000 tariff is intended for medium capacity storage boilers providing space heating or both space and water heating. Electricity for all other purposes must be taken on Domestic tariff and a combined Daily Service Charge applies. The Economy 2000 supply is made available for periods at ScottishPower’s discretion totalling 18 hours per day, but with the proviso that no interruption will exceed 2 hours. It is important, therefore, that the boiler stores sufficient energy to supply space (and possibly water) heating  requirements for 2 hours.

Direct acting boilers without storage capacity are not permitted to make use of Economy 2000

Please call the call centre to discuss options - depending on the system within you property you may or may not be able to have economy 7 - sometimes we'll send a customer liaison officer out to check and discuss.


posted by  PaulJ | A year ago
Re: 3 tier meter swap out

Are you on a preferred tariff or fixed package - check on your bill as these and normally cheaper.

Scottish Power do not support Ecomony 10 only Economy 7, however they are very similar.