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£900 energy bill, where do I stand? Meter readings

posted by am6789 | A year ago
Hey, looking for some assistance.

Recently received an £900 energy bill for a quarterly bill. ( I only have electricity) I have been paying around £120 per quarter so this did come as a surprise. I went through the usual channels by phoning them.

Long story boring, they told me they have not received an actual meter reading since 2017. I provided 1 in January this year when I set up an online account as I was thinking about changing tarif so I provided one then.

When I asked where they got this £900 from they stated that they under estimated my usage and this is what i know owe. I have invited a stranger into my flat to record the electrical meter readings on serval occasion since 2017, would say about 2/3 times per year, and Scottish power have told me they have no record of these readings!

Where do I stand? I know in hindsight I should of phoned with my own meter readings but I was happy with the quarterly cost and the fact I had a third party company walking in to my messy cupboard to read the meters! Scottish power also said they would give me £20 off as a good Will gesture..

Let me know your thoughts!

Top answer

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: £900 energy bill, where do I stand? Meter readings
Yes it is possible to get behind with estimated payments. Who was the person who read the meter? Was it SP? Anyway if you are sure your reading is correct now and up to date then your bill needs to be paid. SP will probably let you spread the payments if you ask them. If you were paying 120 a quarter that is 480 a year that was way too cheap. Most electric bills are more than 1000 a year; more if you heat with electricity.

posted by Jonnel | A year ago
Re: £900 energy bill, where do I stand? Meter readings
@am6789 Just check with Ofgem before you get your wallet out. This scenario might be covered by one of their back-billing regulations. Energy suppliers are only allowed to 'back-bill' for the 12 months prior to when an incorrect billing or balance is discovered, depending on who's mistake caused the missed payments. Worst case scenario is Ofgem might say it was your fault, but best case is you'd only have to pay the last 12 months, not back to 2017.

posted by CarpeDiem | 6 months ago
Re: £900 energy bill, where do I stand? Meter readings
Go careful and check. I’m on quarterly billing and yet there is only ever 2 payments shown on my bill. Where has my 3rd payment gone. It’s no wonder they think I’m in debit all the time. I know I’m not that great in maths but come on at least I’m better than sp. Good luck in getting it sorted.