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Adding an EV Tariff to my existing tariff?

posted by motco | 3 years ago

I have a fixed duel-fuel tariff running currently. Having just bought an electric car, I should like to add the EV tariff to it and get a Smart Charger installed. I do not currently have a Smart Meter but I am willing to accept one if I can benefit from the reduced cost of the EV tariff. Does anyone know the current situation? Other posts suggest that chaos reigns in Scottish Power on this subject! Thanks.


posted by wjw1736 | 2 weeks ago
Re: Adding an EV Tariff to my existing tariff?

I have an EV and the charging point. How do you get Off Peak Electricity include in the existing tariff? 

I'm going round in circles using the web site, getting nowhere and when my deal finishes I'll go to another supplier 

posted by DavC1 | 2 weeks ago
Re: Adding an EV Tariff to my existing tariff?

@wjw1736   Several people have reported problems with SP and EV tariffs.  Octopus Energy are the industry leader in this technology. 

posted by GC | 2 weeks ago
Re: Adding an EV Tariff to my existing tariff?

Scottish Power are definitely in the Stone Age when it comes to EV's and EV tarrif. I have had my EV and charging point which was fitted by S.P.  for over 3 years. I  stopped getting proper bills over 18 months ago, and despite winning my case against them with the Ombudsman over 12 months ago, they still haven't changed my meters, or changed my tarrif ( I am still on the Jan 21 EV tarrif) . I haven't had a bill for over 9 months, and whilst I am over £1000 in credit , I have no idea how they will calculate the bill when they get round to working one out, as they have not had reliable day/ night splits for over a year. They have made 3 separate meter replacement appointments, and not turned up for any of them, for which they owe me £180. They will just not communicate with me, as it in the hands of their Ombudsman team, who cannot be contacted by telephone, and don't respond to emails. I have written to them by registered post, and have evidence they received my letter, but 4 months later I haven't had a response. I am sure it will end up in court.