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Adventure in Smart Metering

posted by armed9 | 3 years ago

I wonder how many other people have had the apalling experience I have had having smart meters installed

It all began with an appointment for the 13 Mar 2018 that was made some 4 to 5 weeks prior. A few days before the appointment Actavo contacted me to say that due to staff training they could not attend and a further appointment was made for 15 Mar 2018. The employee from Octavo arrived and spent a few minutes looking at the electrcity meter, taking pictures and talking to a supervisor on the phone. He quickly decided he could not fit the electricity meter as in wass too close to the consumer fuse box. All that was needed was the cover removing but he 'could not do that' and I had to get and elecctrician in to move the box slightly up and to the right.

That done after the electrician had laughed when taking my money saying all Octavo had to do was remove two screws take off the cover and all would have been fine. After a lengthy call to Scottish Power I was agin told to ring Octavo to arrange a new appointment. That was arranged for the 3 Apr 2018.

Octavo man arrived on the 3 Apr and proceeded to fit the electricity meter. The came the gas meter. I had to lend him my electric hammer drill to fix the bracket to the floor but his drillbit was useless so he used no nail to fix it to the floor! He the tried to commission the meter but it would not connect. After several lenghty calls to his supervisor and his suppot team he said there was a network problem and he could do no more but his tech support people would ring me the next day to talk me through commissioning the meter. NO calls came so after afew days I called scottish power to find out what was going on. Again passed around different departments until I eneded up with 'new connections' (??). At least they tried to help but I ended up being passed back to Octavo again who had no knowledge of the situation so another appointment made for 4 Jun 2018, two months further on . A few days later I rang scottish power to tray and find out what my old meter final readings were as I had not been given anything and nothing had been put on the new meters. To this day I am still waiting.

4 Jun 2018 Octavo man reappears ( the same one as 3 Apr) takes alook at the gas meter and asks if anyone had phoned me to talk through the commisioning. When told no he phoned someone and after the call said the meter was faulty but he could not replace it as he did not have a working one with him (amazing for someine who does nothing but install them day in day out!)

Next appointment was made after further phone call to Octavo for 17 Jul 2108 but two days before hand I get a call from Octavo saying that due to training that had to cancel. I was fuming and told the caller so, so he arranged one for the next day 18 Jun.

Octavo man appeared,  a new face thsi time and I already had an appointment for that day. He replaced the gas meter this time and it is working this time but did serve us with a warning/advice notice as the gas pipe is not earthed. Never has been. I moved in 38 years ago and no gas engineer has ever said anything and certainly the Octavo man who installed the first smart meter never said a word about it. He also checked the electricity meter and said that had not been cabled correctly and he could fix it. A call to his supervisor and he was told he could not do it and we would have to make a fresh appointment. On and on it goes

Lessons to be learnt. Scottish Power's customer service still leaves alot to be desired. The pass the buck too quickly and blame it on the contractor. They employed the contractor it's about time they sorted the mess out.

Octavo are not fit to be called useless. They have tried to train installer to do 'installations by numbers'. They are not allowed to think for themselves. Have they not heard 'Get it right first time' saves an awful lot of cost and upset to consumers. At least today caller tried to help but was told he was not allowed to. I expect the next visit from Octavo will be sometime in the latter half of september.

Maybe by then I will have had a fuel bill that means something ie proper readings from both old and new reading from Scottish Power showing proper charges


posted by Farflung | 5 days ago
Re: Adventure in Smart Metering
There are now so many negative stories about Smart Meter installation (I've had previous appointments cancelled completely, scheduled one rescheduled several times, and `engineers' turning up and saying it can't be done for various reasons) that I seriously suspect some kind of what might be termed scam going on. Are there Govt incentives for making smart meter bookings but not carrying through. If the financial motive is not behind this widespread what appears to be incompetence (or at least very serious inefficiency), then I don't understand the economics of it for the energy companies

posted by DavC1 | 3 days ago
Re: Adventure in Smart Metering

@Farflung   The trouble with sp is that they use contractors to install smart meters and only have vague control over them, eg when they can do the job, when they actually turn up etc. If you want a proper installation use British Gas, they use their own fitters and they do a proper job.   

Yes the companies get paid for successful installations but they don't get paid for missed appointments.