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Advice on which meter/ tariff is best for electric flow boiler?

posted by Tkurz | 2 years ago

My house is not connected to gas, which means that I have to heat with electricity. I have an electric flow boiler installed, a Heatrae Sadia Electromac, that provides hot domestic waterby heating the water for use off taps in a storage tank. The water for the wet heating system, however, is heated "on demand" and does not come from a hot water tank. This latter setup means that the boiler needs a constant supply of electricity to heat my house. However, when I first moved into my flat the heat would randomly turn on and off, leaving the place very cold for most of the day. After a lot of research I realised that the meter I have is a Comfort plus white meter on an economy 2000 tarif, which as far as I understand, was designed for the use with storage heaters, but not the type of system I'm heating my flat with.

I have talked to both, Scottish Power and the boiler manufacturer to understand which solution/ meter would work best of rmy type of boiler. However, they have not been able to tell me and Scottish Power suggested that Comfort Plus White Meter is the right meter, which just can't be correct.

I'd be really grateful if someone on here would be able to point me into the right direction. Which meter/tarrif should I be on?



posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Advice on which meter/ tariff is best for electric flow boiler?

The Comfort plus meters are not always the best solution. You need to consult an expert. If you had a conventional meter you could choose from a range of tariffs. Economy 7 is not right for you because your power is used during the day.


posted by Em_Mounf | 4 months ago
Re: Advice on which meter/ tariff is best for electric flow boiler?

Hi everyone!

I apologise if you see this message around a lot, but I just want to help and make anyone who's possibly affected aware. As many of you will have read on SP community, people are having serious problems when it comes to dealing with Scottish Power in relation to their Comfort Plus White Meters. One such person has created a Facebook page to consolidate information about complex meters and to help people better understand their meters. The page is called Complex Electricity Meters UK and the link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1086059095122267. The page is very new, but the more people who share their knowledge, the more infortation we have. Also, if we have enough members, I hope to collect enough accounts of people's individual experiences with Scottish Power and try to do something about their despicable customer service.