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And that's why this company sucks

posted by wattaman | 2 days ago

In a nut-shell, as I keep telling SP since almost 3 months ago when they've replaced our good working anaogue meters with 'smart meters', this is when the RCD switches the power off (never happened with the old meters):

- EVERY DAY AT 4-4:30am

- whenever we top-up (as seen in the video)

- randomly, sometimes multiple times per day in very short periods of time (ie 7 times in 15 minutes)

No issues with our home network or with our appliances.

What did SP do, you might ask? Obviously nothing, otherwise I wouldn't lose my time writing this now. We have called them, emailed them, complained on their website, complained to the ombudsman (this keeps delaying the 'verdict' one week after another). Meanwhile, we wake up at 4AM daily to turn on the power for the refrigerators not to melt, and since we need an alarm for this, sometimes our kids wake up as well.

3 months already and every time I hear someone making a loud noise I feel like punching them in the face - I suppose lack of sleep can do this to one's mind. We're expecting more major health issues to arrise, as well as inevitable appliances failures due these happening. 

If you've read this and still have your old analogue meters, DO NOT REPLACE THEM WITH SMART METERS. They are not too smart and you might be the next me.

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posted by wattaman | 2 days ago
Re: And that's why this company sucks
Finally managed to shoot a short videos showing how the smart meters trigger the RCD to switch the power off at 4AM - remember now, this happens EVERY DAY AT 4AM.