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Anyone out there?????

posted by Kitty | A week ago

I posted earlier about incorrect billing and was wondering if anyone from SP actually read these???

Had a new meter installed end of July last year and the gas was connected in March. Big big refurbishment.  Why are new meters not reset to zero once they have been checked and are ready to go? When I asked what the meter was recorded at on the day of installation ( live away from the property) I have been given two different readings, which has caused upset at trying to sort my bill out!!! SP help


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posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: Anyone out there?????

Hi Kitty, would love to help but this forum is for customers to help each other. We have no idea what your meter readings were. You should contact SP help line who can advise on your account details. 

posted by Kitty | A week ago
Re: Anyone out there?????
Thank you. I am just so frustrated with them. Once I have sorted this I am going to switch users. Once again, thank you

posted by fed_up | A week ago
Re: Anyone out there?????

the platform is as bad as the customer service - getting in touch with SCOTTISH POWER is near impossible - never known such incompetence and stress JUST TRYING TO GET TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE - they have sent me a message but cant view it NO SURPRISE THERE.


I will leave too once things are sorted out - UTTERLY FRUSTRATING

posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: Anyone out there?????

Sign into your account, select community and when the menu appears select Messages.

posted by Emeline | A week ago
Re: Anyone out there?????
Hi I moved into a house on 26 February 2018 which was a housing exchange . Which had sse electric and gas .but I had it changed to my supplier Scottish .but every time I top up my keys they take £7 off it .for example we topped up £15 today now we have £9 . .I didn't have a outstanding bill at my old address . .Every time I say to Scottish power about it they have told me that I'm owed money or they don't have my reading which I have them on line to them on the 12 of March.

posted by alewis148 | 7 days ago
Re: Anyone out there?????
Agree....I've got a complaint in review...one phone call and they couldn't help...then nothing. The complaint tracker just says Scottish Power will contact me for a second time at some point before the end of the month, I tried calling today...but they're closed...logged in and despite browsing for about 10 minutes still can't find an email address or way of sending a message! I keep going around in circles, but keep coming back to the forum...where apparently the customers can help each other out!! So fed_up - can you let me know the status of my complaint?

posted by Davc | 7 days ago
Re: Anyone out there?????

Hi ALewis, I am only a customer and do not know anything about your details, but if you need to email SP it is 



posted by plantfoot | 5 days ago
Re: Anyone out there?????

Found this number

Customer service: 0800 027 0072

Hope this helps you 

posted by bumble | 3 days ago
Re: Anyone out there?????
SP never act as promised; time and again they make false promises about phoning me back and , time and again, are o very apologetic when i call in and another week has gone by with no progress. They seem nice people but are impotent, caught up in a service protocol which they either do not understand or are unabe tofix. On their suggestion I made a complaint lst saturday and was promised that Karen in Warrington complaints dept would call me back on Tuesday between 10 and 12 noon 0n my landine; even this failed- so i arranged for her to call me 4-4.30 pm same day- yet agin nothing. Undeterred i called in - still stoney silence - and then informed she has gone home. They are not just useless and uncring - they tell a lot of porkies.