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posted by davidp | A year ago
Re: Anyone out there?????
Glad to know I am not alone. I have lived in a brand new house for 13 months now and still haven’t paid a penny! It took then 7 months to write to me to tell me that the meters in my house are not the ones that the builder and I said? So I got the builder to confirm to SP that yes the meters we say are fitted are correct. Then I told them the same and they still wouldn’t accept it. They have written to me 9 times now apologising for not having dealt with my complaint and when I phoned today they told me they have requested the change to the meter number 3 times and went to check why it hasn’t been actioned and after 18 minutes they bloody hung up. So I give up. I will just keep heating and lighting my house for free and when they finally try to bill me I will add up all the time wasted (6.2 hours to date) and bill them. And just because they think they can do it, I will be delighted to tell them that I have had an increase in my tariffs and they can pay for my time at my new cost!!! Just a waste of everyone’s time this lot! Utter shambles.

posted by 1360243BTC | A year ago
Re: Anyone out there?????
Same happened to me over meter issues. 3 formal complaints made and logged, all of which were eventually closed off by SP as having been successfully resolved with me yet nobody ever contacted me from the Company. Went to the Ombudsman in the end. Compensation paid and a letter of apology eventually received "of sorts" but, only because the Ombudsman ordered them to. Dreadful service throughout.

posted by Dennis | 5 months ago
Re: Anyone out there?????
This as got to be the worst customer service, 5 months sill not solved my problem SP keep sending me e;mail with wrong meter wrong account I have a smart meter but the wrong number on the meter it’s my neighbors meter thy are blaming the national dater based will not give me the number of the national data service what give the number ofcom

posted by Davc | 5 months ago
Re: Anyone out there?????

SP should sort this for you, it is not a customer's job to contact national databases.

Write to SP at contactus@scottishpower.com   Give as much information as possible, eg your name, address, account number and actual meter number and the meter number on your bill, and if possible give the same for your neighbour (who must have the same problem in reverse)