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App closing down

posted by macdo22 | 4 years ago
I downloaded the app and used it that evening, it worked perfectly. In the week since, every time I open the app and use touch idea to enter my account, the app closes down immediately. Any tips??

posted by  Eilidh | 3 years ago
Re: App closing down

Hi @macdo22, sometimes if this happens we'd suggest deleting  and then re-installing the app.  Let me know if this solves the problem Smiley Happy

posted by JTAY | 3 years ago
Re: App closing down
It seems the two launches of the new ScottishPower app have been somewhat problematic! When I try to logon I get a second logon page coming up which is shadowed out and does not allow me to logon. I have deleted the app and reloaded it several times and still unable to logon to my account.

posted by  ScottishPower | 3 years ago
Re: App closing down

Hi @JTAY, sorry to hear you are having issues with this, can you send screenshots as well as type of phone you are using to appfeedback@scottishpower.com?

posted by angela736969 | 3 years ago
Re: App closing down
Updated the app every time I try and check my electric it logs me out can’t check a thing when I check the app for the gas works fine my home display doesn’t work either there is no way off checking my usage

posted by Stevie | 3 years ago
Re: App closing down
It would be nice if the new APP worked at all. I can log into my account via the web but since the new APP I cannot log into it. The APP keeps telling me log in details are incorrect but they aren’t. I’ve deleted the APP and reinstalled it but all the no avail. Can someone help please as it’s all been fine until today.

posted by grandelle | 3 years ago
Re: App closing down

My experience is exactly the same. I used my app just 3 days ago & successfully entered a meter reading. As I wanted to change tariffs today, I got the message that my login details were incorrect. SP emailed me with a temporary password which still didn’t work.  I could log in using my browser! Is something wrong with the app?? Very frustrating. 

posted by phumphers | 3 years ago
Re: App closing down
Same experience as others. I haven’t been able to login to the app for a couple of days. Reset and changed the password and still no access to the app.

posted by DaveD | 3 years ago
Re: App closing down
Well what can I say about Scottish Powers IT team......no I will not go there. All I will say is don't hold your breath.


posted by eauzone | 2 years ago
Re: App closing down
New to Scottish Power and tried several times to load the app onto my iPhone 5s butI keep getting a message not compatible.
Any suggestions?