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posted by Pennyp | 9 months ago
Re: App closing down
The app is terrible, had nothing but issues since having the smart meter installed! Most of time I have to phone to top up, the app isn't even giving me the option to top up now. The automated phone line says my top up will be on within 3 days, not sure my 20p is going to last that long =/

posted by riadave | 7 months ago
Re: App closing down
I have just joined Scottish p and wanted to pay a bill of £150. I did it thru app. The bank went to authenticate it then it said it hasn't gone thru. So I tried again and the same thing happened. I looked at my transactions that night and £300 had been deducted from my account. Its still pending 3 days later in my bank and Scottish power still hasn't got it. If I hadn't have used the app to pay it would have gone thru smoothly. No one can do anything about it. Even been given codes from the bank to give to s p. But they cant do anythingrhin if the moneys not there!@!! S o say it takes 3 days for a debit card payment to theu but am still down £150.

posted by Pennyp | 7 months ago
Re: App closing down
Again, nothing but problems with the app. Same thing happened to me only with a much smaller amount, my last £10, now it's sat in limbo somewhere, not in my account or on my meter. Been on the phone with scottish power twice, was told they would top up my meter as a courtesy for issues I've been having. Nothing was done, thankfully I borrowed some money to keep the electric on. But I am now looking at other providers, absolutely fed up with the dreadful service! Why is there a need to delete and reinstall app every time I need to top up, for it then to not even go through properly.