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posted by Valter | A year ago
Re: Are Scottish Power the hardest Company ever to try and get to speak to?
Hi to all.

I would say that ScottishPower have the worse costumer service in the development world.

Scottish power have raised 4x my direct debit suddenly and no explanations provided so far. The issue is the gas consume that have been on similar consume over last 2 years. Also, there is no gas leakage- already checked.

I have phoned, had a chat, have send 8 emails over last 35 days and no answer so far.

I truly recommended all current costumer to leave this very unprofessional energy supplier company. If you have a problem is very unlikely to be solved on time.

posted by sanday1932 | A year ago
Reimburse payments taken wrongly after account closed

I closed my account in July last year but you have continued to take payments from my account totalling many hundreds of pounds. Please reimburse me for the payments made and don't take any more!

I have been on hold to speak to speak to someone about this for three days.


posted by RS | A year ago
Re: Billed incorrectly for the past 18 months Stress Court Letters and More!

Scottish Power

I would like to start by saying stop sending us Demand letters! The meter is with an external inspector.

We have found that our meter has been reading incorrectly for the past 18 months, 10 attempts to get Scottish Power out to check, missed appoints all the time, no appology letter or compensation for missing appoints. This is breach of your policy!

How do you expect the consumer to have any confidence in your service when you miss appointments keep us on hold for 1 hour on the phone?

It has been stressful enough for us thinking that we have to pay ridiculous bill and now demand letters when the external SGS has been over only a week ago to look at the meter.

New meter in and we have been keeping records which already show our consumption being very low, different to the last meter! So gross negligence and stress, we will be seeking legal advice against you.

My opinion to the community is Scottish Power is not trust worthy in anyway! Avoid this company at all costs!

We can upload evidence if you wish!


posted by dasuvia | 12 months ago
Re: Are Scottish Power the hardest Company ever to try and get to speak to?
A few years ago my son was billed for over £6000 for his first 3 months in a studio flat...it took over 10 months for them to realise they were actually at fault when it was glaringly obvious, then over a year involving the ombudsman to get a result. nowIi unfortunately have moved in to a new property with them as supplier, 2 months in, no bill but the previous owner has been billed to date, as a business not residential, 2 hours later and apparently it will be sorted in two weeks but they can't email a confirmation as the "back end team" deal with that. I VOWED NEVER TO USE THEM EVER AGAIN...CAN'T BELIEVE I'VE INHERITED THEM..it's a dreadful customer service.

posted by Captain | 10 months ago
Re: Are Scottish Power the hardest Company ever to try and get to speak to?

Dear Sirs


I am providing you with one final opportunity  to resolve the 5 month long mess that is my account with you since moving in to this property. You weren’t even aware that a Smart Meter had been installed at my request made in late February.


I have wasted ages on the phone with you – followed by broken promises, confusion and inaccurate data held by you.


I am harassed daily by 1- or 2-ring phone calls that allow no time to pick up. My subsequent callbacks and text messages have been received and ignored or rejected by you.


I have maintained detailed records.


Because you have consistently failed to address the serious issues raised, I have made it very clear on several occasions that phone conversations are not acceptable and that all communications must be in writing (post) or by e-mail so that records are available. Despite being online with you for years, I have yet to receive one single e-mail in response. EVER!


I have invited the attendance of one of your staff to see for yourselves how ridiculous this situation is


I also wanted to know why my current tariff seems outrageously high compared with my last property which was significantly larger – previous property 2-bedroom, one en-suite, one guest bathroom and bigger living space. Present property is 1-bedroom, 1 shower room and 1 combined living room (in other words, less than half the size) and monthly dual fuel direct debit of approximately £12.


FYI, I am a 71-year old state pensioner with no additional income


If you wish to resolve this, e-mail or text me with an appointment for one of your management team to visit and reach agreement -  and to test-calibrate the Smart Meter which I believe to be seriously inaccurate.


Should this not be resolved to our mutual satisfaction by 1at August 2019, then a formal complaint to Ofgem and civil proceedings will follow without further notice






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posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: Are Scottish Power the hardest Company ever to try and get to speak to?

@Captain  Send your message to contactus@scottishpower.com. We are not SP on the Community Forum, and although we sympathise we cannot take any action. 


posted by Adrian-B | 9 months ago
Re: Are Scottish Power the hardest Company ever to try and get to speak to?
It seems that especially when trying to book your annual boiler service, Domestic and General have a voicemail service and their inbox is full much of the time. Poor Service..

posted by pauline999 | 7 months ago
Re: Are Scottish Power the hardest Company ever to try and get to speak to?
Given the amount of ongoing complaints , in the main , about the abysmal service that , frontline , back room and also live chat customer service teams pass off as within the parameters of acceptable , can I suggest we all take up the action of writing to the national press . If enough of us do this then the press will investigate and take up the story in print .... as far as I’m concerned Scottish Power deserve time have their underhand customer services scrutinised by a public body , they sail close to the wind legally and hit the bullseye every time on their lack of moralistic back bone ..... I personally intend to start an online petition in order to get the government involved the overall scrutiny of such companies is nowhere near acceptable .... at the very least SCOTTISH POWER should be put into “ special measures ...... hands up , who’s in ?????

posted by Noor | 7 months ago
Re: Are Scottish Power the hardest Company ever to try and get to speak to?
I have had the same problem. I had scheduled an appointment to get a Smart Reader installed but no one ever showed up and the following morning I got an email 'congratulating' me on getting it installed and asking me to review the installement. When I try to book a new appointment to also get my electricity meter replaced (which apparently I legally have to), it still shows me my previous appointment and when I try to replace it it first shows me an available time slot, after which I fill out all my info. When I submit it, it tells me that all of the sudden the time slot is no longer available. I have had the same thing happen to me five (or more) times now and it is really frustrating. The only time slots that are ever 'available' are also always between 12-4 in the afternoon (no other options) but I always have class during these hours. I'm getting rather desperate. Every time I fail to reschedule I also fill out the form for a preferred date and my phone number and email address but they never get back to me as they promised they would.

posted by andrewos | 7 months ago
Re: Are Scottish Power the hardest Company ever to try and get to speak to?

impossible to conatct anyone in SP Ahhh