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Bad Practices On Scottish Power Web Site

posted by Bandit | A year ago

I tried to make a payment this morning. The Scottish Power Web Site informed me thatmy payment was unsuccessful and to try again. So I tried again, and again I was informed that the payment was unsuccessful. Third time lucky??? Nope, once again the payment was declined!! 

So, I checked my bank account. The amount I had remaining in my account was insufficient to make another payment. However my account had been drained of an amount eerily similar to the two unsuccessful payments I had just attempted on the Scottish Power Web Site. So I telephone my bank branch and ask them to check where my money had gone.

Well, would youguess it? Those two "unsuccessful" payments had been authorised and were on their merry way.  What saved me from making a third payment was that I did not have enough money in my account to honour the transaction. 

These are bad practices in any person's world, to sucker payments from honest people. Notablythese bad practices are being conducted under the guise of corporate authority, the average person thinks that they have no recourse. I used to, until I called the company earlier this afternoon and demanded that reurn of my stolen payment. 

Oh,and as footnote, I was told that Scottish Power Web Site was working as it should!!! 

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posted by Ernie_C | A year ago
Re: Bad Practices On Scottish Power Web Site

Unfortunately, you have no proof that it is Scottish Power at fault.

The error could lie anywhere in the banking system.

It is possible that the Scottish Power System was wrongly advised that the payment had not gone through successfully when it had.