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Basic Variable Online tariff cheapest overall?

posted by RJF | A year ago

I have the same supply as an elderly relative: SP Comfort Plus Control (dual rate, centrally controlled storage charging). But she's paying a lot more than me. There's more than one reason for this but to keep things simple I'm focussing on just one point here: her tariff is much higher, particularly the control (heating) rate, 15.9p as against 8.8. OK, so she's on the Basic Variable Online and I'm on a 2020 fixed tariff. But her bill tells her "Good news! You're already on our cheapest overall tariff"!!! 

She was previously on a fixed tariff and I'm sure would have switched to another when that ended if she hadn't been told that lie. Assuming her previous bills say the same, is she due a refund?

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posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Basic Variable Online tariff cheapest overall?

Hi  Between January and March this year the basic variable tariff was the cheapest due to the government price cap legislation. Since April Basic Variable has reverted to being the most expensive and now you should choose one of the fixed tariffs.