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posted by TCW | A year ago

Hi all. I have terminal cancer & have only got months to live SO, I want to get everything in order for my family.

I have trawled & searched through my  online account & cannot find anything to help me set things up for the inevitable & to ease the way for my family to close the account as smoothly as possible.

What do I need to do now?  What does Scottish Power want know & make sure that my data is secure & as much as possible deleted after the final bills have been setteled. Who to contact (address etc) at Scottish Power.

It may be difficult for my family to acces my online account (passwords etc ) Even if they do there is nothing on this web site to help.

Any & all advice would be greatly appreciated & welcome.

Many thanks in advance.



posted by Dad | 6 months ago
Re: Bereavement/Death

I can't find anything either. It ought to be a simple matter of notification and I'm sure a lot of people would really appreciate it if it was easy to complete at a very difficult time. I am going to call customer services 0800 027 0072 as I can't think of anything else to do.

posted by Davc | 6 months ago
Re: Bereavement/Death

Hello Dad, Sorry to hear of your loss, Yes that is the correct number to call.

posted by AS | 6 months ago
Re: Bereavemen

I have been trying to report my mother's death.  Cannot find any way on the website so I called this number.  I held for 31 minutes, yes that's OVER half an hour and was then told to try again later.  Not the kind of customer service I would expect of anyone.  I've given up.

posted by simomn | 6 months ago
Re: Bereavement/Death

26 minutes and counting. really terrible service for bereaved customers. 


posted by AS | 6 months ago
Re: Bereavement/Death

Sorry that you're having a similar experience to me Simomn.  After wasting over 2 hours of my life on hold I eventually got through on a Friday morning.  Weekday office hours are obviously staffed properly, for for me it  had to be on a day off.  Once through to the bereavemnet team I was dealt with reasonably well but I suggest you try calling 0800 074 1986 to get through directly to this team.  I wish I'd had this number sooner.

posted by Hankinson32 | 4 months ago
Re: Bereavement/Death

My waiting time 1h30 mins. I have sent a pdf letter to contactus@scottishpower.co.uk about my father's account.

posted by AS | 4 months ago
Re: Bereavement/Death

Sorry to say that they are still not getting it right.  They offered me compensation of £25 as a credit on the account within 10 days.  But 8 weeks on still no credit.  They are also still sending emails addressed to my Mom who died in March.  All other utilities seem to have managed this process so why are Scottish power so appalling ?  Surely people die every day so it cannot be that hard to deal with sensitively.