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posted by JoeM | A year ago
Re: Best deal to change tariff, what a joke!!!
Actually Eilidh I have clicked on both that link to changing my tariff rates and the one that states "My energy tariff rate ends on 31 January 2018" and both sent me to call and contact details for call back. No available deals were posted for me to view.

posted by  Eilidh | A year ago
Re: Best deal to change tariff, what a joke!!!
Hi @JoeM, can I double check, have you updated your meter reading recently? Sometimes the prices available to you will not show if this hasn't been updated.

posted by JoeM | A year ago
Re: Best deal to change tariff, what a joke!!!
I gave my meter readings on 7 November just a day after Scottish Power done an estimated reading and wrongly calculated what my bill was. I used to send new meter readings every 3 months but lately I have been getting email requests to do so about every 10 weeks or so. Why did Scottish Power estimate my meter readings, issue a new bill online and at same time request accurate meter readings? Do you want customers to send in meter reading far more frequently? When I called yesterday I got a quote of new tariff rates starting today without any new assessment of current usage of electricity. This was at a higher rate than currently being paid monthly by direct debit so I stated that I will supply meter readings closer to the end date of my current tariff charge, ie, before 31 January 2018. Do Scottish Power customer services staff not note down on my account what was agreed in my phone call?

posted by Supersnipe | A year ago
Re: Best deal to change tariff, what a joke!!!

As it is well nigh impossible to actually speak to anyone from SP on the phone I wonder if forum members can answer my query please?

What I want to know is if I request (online) a switch to Beat Cancer Fixed January 2020 tariff (on which the KWH and Standing charges are appreciably higher than my existing tariff) - will I IMMEDIATELY start paying at the new rates some 3 weeks before the expiry of my present fixed deal which ends on  31st January.  Ideally I would like to submit new meter readings at midnight on 31st in the hope of receiving a final bill on my old tariff.

Also, as I have a sizable credit on my account can I suggest a reduction in the monthly direct debit from the outset?

posted by JoeM | A year ago
Re: Best deal to change tariff, what a joke!!!

Like you my tariff rate is due to end on 31 Jamuary 2018 and I am in credit, but the online message was to seek a better tariff rate by 15 January 2018. I made contact with SP by telephone in December 2017 and they advised I could go on a new tariff rate from next day but at a HIGHER rate than previously paid despite being in credit! I refused this advice in my telephone call and advised them I would submit meter readings closer to the date of 15 January 2018. I did this on Thursday 11 January 2018 and I am still in credit and my monthly payments were REDUCED by £2.00 monthly. The new payments will start from 1 February 2018, although my bill does not show that it is the new Beat the Cancer tariff rate 2020. However, when I do an online check for the cheapest tariff rate I am told that I am currently on the cheapest rate. So I guess you have the choice to wait until closer to the end date or to submit meter readings now.  By the way my usage of electricity has increased naturally as the latest meter readings were into the winter period and my credit total reduced from nearly £300 to £140 now.

posted by Simkaz | A year ago
Re: Best deal to change tariff, what a joke!!!
After shopping around I signed up for a much better deal with a different company and will change over to them on 5th Feb. Last Friday SP contacted me offering me a better than any available online to stay with them. I asked him to call me back Monday after I have had a chance to work out if its close to what I have signed up to with the other company.
Having done my calculations its still £120 per year more than the other company calculated on my KWH usage, I will make up my mind when he calls me back tomorrow but at present I am thinking its a goodbye to SP.

posted by Peewit | A year ago
Re: Best deal to change tariff, what a joke!!!

It is now the end of February and they are still doing it!  I've had a couple of emails telling me that the "best deal for you"  is to fix until April 2019 at a cost of over £1600 a year.  And every time I log on, I'm told it's time to change my tariff which actually doesn't run out until the end of March.

But I can get the same tariff at £240 less by going through any of the three comparison sites I've tried so far, a fact which Scottish Power neglect to tell me about until I ring up and ask.

And I can save more than that by going elsewhere - which is precisely what I intend to do.

posted by hayleyr | A year ago
Re: Best deal to change tariff, what a joke!!!

Hi, I completely agree! I had an email today saying my tariff is ending in April, I compared on 2 comparison sites what I am paying per unit and standing charge rates for dual fuel and Scottish Power ARE offering better deal going via the comparison site against their 'best for me' deal whilst logged on to my account! Not only that but when I was checking my bill there was an even cheaper option  advertised on a previous bill January 19 that I cannot even find!

I have been a loyal customer for many years...seems Scottish Power have forgotten to be loyal to their existing customers...I say cheerio I am off!!

I also applied for the warm home grant which according to their criteria  I should have been entitled to but alas it has not been acknowledged let alone been added to my account!

posted by Simkaz | A year ago
Re: Best deal to change tariff, what a joke!!!

I ended up changing to Avro, almost 2 months with them now and still nothing cheaper available to me according to Uswitch.


posted by DHogg | A year ago
Re: Best deal to change tariff, what a joke!!!

I was wondering if other people keep getting ridiculous advice on their Bills regarding cheapest Tariffs.
My yearly Bill is around £130. 
The Bill I received 8 Aug 2018 says I could save £80 by switching to "Online Fixed Price Energy
August 2017" ie a Tariff that expired a year ago
It also said the SP Standard Tariff would save me £10 a year. 
Just for fun I did the sums and in fact switching to Standard would cost an extra £100 per year.
If I blindly trusted SP advice (as some vulnerable people may do), I would be seriously out of pocket. 
Shouldn't this be Illegal?