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Bill is ridiculously high

posted by dl | A year ago

I just want to express my frustration and disappointment in SP - an electric company in a first world country.

If you’re able to get your call answered, customer service is rude and unhelpful. I’ve also used the in-app chat which seems they don’t can’t really do much; they removed my DD at my request only to be put back on the following day. They also admitted that there was something wrong with the readings so they arranged a smart meter installations in March (takes a month for appointments)... they got my number wrong so they told me April... COVID19 - appointment cancelled. No appointments now and I understand. Chat person tells me to not put my actual readings until the smart meter is installed.

I’m writing this now because I’ve received a bill for £800++ and this gives me anxieties. I live with my partner and the nature of our work entails that we our out of country at least 2 weeks. I don’t understand how our bill can be this high. When we first started we only paid £30-60 which we thought was fair but no, this increased to £100. We live in a 1-bedroom flat. No gas. I don’t understand what is causing this chaos! I’ve asked my neighbor who uses SP and they’re a couple, one goes to work, the other stays home and they only pay £30-40.

How can this be? Please help me. Something is wrong.

posted by JohnHiggs | 11 months ago
Re: Bill is ridiculously high
Mine is the same. My Direct debit is over 100 pounds per month, and I live alone in a bungalow. i have oil heating, and turn off lights regularly. It used to be 50pounds per month. eventually they believed me when I told them this isn't possible as it has been going on for months, and they said my meter is going too fast. They wont send anyone to fix it so Ive now stopped the direct debits to get them to notice!

posted by Debzter1690 | 4 months ago
Re: Bill is ridiculously high
I am going to cancel and move to another supplier. My bill was over 4 times higher than usual direct debit payment and can't get any help from any source on here. I live alone in a 1 bedroom flat and am careful with lights, etc. They want to take another payment from my overpaid DD on 4th March too. I've had enough of them.

posted by scotty2124 | 4 months ago
Re: Bill is ridiculously high
The best help you can get is (, GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE THESE PEAPLE ARE SCUM)

posted by Debzter1690 | 4 months ago
Re: Bill is ridiculously high
I live in 1 bedroom flat as well. Theres only me so cant understand why bill is so high. No gas either. Have tried and tried to get through to SP again and again but left on hold. No one seems able to help me. My meter readings were sent by me and theirs don't match.