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Billing policy

posted by Johnbru | 5 months ago
I don't know if it's just me but I find the whole process surrounding billing from Scottish Power very aggressive. First bill through the post is always a final demand, if you'd lucky you get to wait 4 days before you get a threatening escalation letter unless the bill is fully paid.
My latest experience with call centre staff wasn't much better, they phoned the house 5 times in 4 days even though my wife said I would phone back in a few days as I work 12hr shifts. Anyways I paid £700 towards bills and was assured it was fi e with a balance of under £200. Low and behokdi hot a call two days later asking me why I hadn't paid bill, I was kind and pointed out they should check their system for updates due to payments made, problem solved. Two hours later I got a call and was asked why I hadnt paid bill, found this to be pretty aggressive way to begin conversation, so I asked him to tell me why I hadn't paid my bill and why was I been harassed by scottish power. Anyways I told them to stop phoning and harassing me and to check their obviously slow system for updates as I had spoken to one I'd their colleagues earlier in the day.
Scottish power for a large company your customer service is very poor and threatening letters of escalation instead of bills is very poor, communication or updating clients records is also very poor.
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posted by Johnbru | 5 months ago
Re: Billing policy
Sorry for poor spelling and such typed this on phone 😲