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Building credit

posted by Emilywho | 4 days ago
We are on a fixed price tariff that ends in December, and obviously will see a huge increase in January. I want to increase my direct debits while we can to build up some decent credit in preparation. I know I can set the direct debit amounts, however a couple of years ago I did this but it was eventually automatically refunded back to me by SP as they didn't like too much credit as it messed with the direct debit payments.
Is this still the case? Or with the current situation are they allowing people to build more credit up for winter?
Many thanks

posted by DavC1 | 4 days ago
Re: Building credit

@Emilywho    Unusual questions and I don't know the answer.  I would put money in a bank savings account rather than Scottish Power credit.   We will all need a lot of money for next winter, direct debits will be over £300 a month.  You will get £400 into your account in £65 pounds instalments.   If you are a pensioner you will get another £400 in your  bank account.    Good luck. 

posted by Lyndsay | 4 days ago
Re: Building credit
You have to ensure that your usage of both electricity and gas in Kwh x unit cost does not exceed your monthly payment. This way with being mindful each month you will be adding to your credit