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Bullys to get your money

posted by Scosha37 | A year ago

I was with Scottish power for a number of years until I moved into a new built house then it all started because they couldn't find the gas supplier for months & months so my bills were going up up & up  months to year went past then bomb! Over a grand and more! they wanted me to pay even though I was paying so much a month then the crap started! Phone calls with nasty people on the other end wanting the money and then the door caller she was something else!! And when asked for help to reduce and set up a payment an affordable one ..... Lol what a joke they don't care if you put you in dept just bullys oh and if you miss the dd there on to you like a school bully, now they allways say they can help when it come to payment difficulty not in some cases esp on disabled people! 

Shocking will never be back 

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posted by Unhappy019 | A year ago
Re: Bullys to get your money
It's not especially disabled people. For the record I have disabilities, but I really dislike it when people go on about discrimination and how they are poorly treated because they are disabled when it's nothing to do with their disability.

SP are an awful company who have a terrible rating on trustpilot. The majority of people disabled or not will have problems with SP in one way or another. Simple as that really.

Put in a complaint if not happy and leave them as soon as possible