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posted by Mug73 | 2 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

I also contacted SP about a month to 6 weeks ago to ask about my large Credit Balance with EE before it went out of business,only to be told the debit on my SP was a bad dept and they could send the bailiffs to make me pay up. That's SP for you why when I'm owed several hundred pounds from EE would I want to pay off the SP balance when mt EE credit would clear this off when they decide to pay up. SP then nearly doubled my monthly payments from £92 per month to £151 per month or they could take it further??Am I in the wrong waiting for my credit balance from EE to pay this SP debit off after all we have only waited 10 months for the EE auditors to send SP our final bills and to credit our accounts with any money owed us.  This amount is seriously affecting my ability to make ends meet but nobody seems to care not SP or the auditors of EE how this affect any of us, none of us ex EE customers have unlimited resources at our fingertips but to be Threatened with balliffs if I don't pay off my balance when I'm owed more than my balance with them if they pull there fingers out and give up what They Owe Us we may be able to sleep at night. AND SCOTTISH POWER PEOPLE I HAVE NEVER OWED A PENNY TO ANYONE SO HOW DARE YOU THREATEN ME WITH SENDING IN THE BALLIFFS. B------S

posted by sueb | 2 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

I was told my money from Extra energy would be transferred to my account but as yet i have not received it. I am afraid my patience are wearing very thin

posted by twodogs | 2 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

Still waiting for my £400 credit with E E.left s/power in Feb heard nothing.Any one else notice,near the end of E E,the monthly paymennts nearly doubled,to try and keep them afloat <no doubt?

posted by disatisfied | 2 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy
Scottish Power poorest service I know. They refuse to contact me. Will not be taking matters any further until they write and explain their position Lynda Clayton Customer Service Director has she a clue as to how bad their service is ?

posted by wootty | 2 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

I am in the same boat.

I had about £240 in credit and Extra Energy took a normal £105 direct debit payment then 7 days later went into liquidation.

I had one email from Scottish Power saying theyre taking over the EE account on 25/11/18.

3 days later another email asking for direct debit details,which i did straight away.

5 WEEKS LATER on 8/01/19 got an email saying direct debit was set up and theyd be taking £133 a month.

NOTHING came out in January.

On the 12/02/19 Scottish Power took £2 on the direct debit date.Nobody from Scottish Power can give me a reason???

I switched suppiler 2 weeks later because of very high premium they wanted.

5 months have gone by and now am getting telephone calls and emails with totally different final bill amounts.

Last one was £500 few days ago.....£500 for what was 6 weeks energy usage???

I dont have a clue where i stand.

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

@wootty   it sounds like SP think you are still with them, did you ever get a closing statement when you switched?  It is a real muddle, do you get bills from your new supplier?  You need to speak to SP and explain you have left a long time ago. Or, maybe you never actually changed?? You need to get a better understanding of your energy supplier and send up to date readings to your supplier. 

posted by wootty | 2 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

I have been with new supplier since end of February this year.

SP had all the meter readings prior and when i switched.

I still havent had ANY statements from SP.I havent had anything in the post from them at all.

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

@wootty   Sorry I cant suggest anything else, you need to speak to someone at SP. Your account still seems  open because you can post on this forum.  It is a mess unfortunately so good luck. 

posted by Jonnel | 2 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

@wootty Make sure your direct debit with SP is cancelled and that no payments have been taken since you left them at the end of Feb. The £2 they took then might have been a 'test charge'. That's something some companies do with direct debits to make sure the details they've been given are correct before beginning to take full payments or if payments are declined - possibly because they couldn't get the £133 when they tried. (would your bank account have stood that charge at the time, over Christmas? Your bank might have declined it if it couldn't.)

When switching, the change is driven by the NEW supplier, so I would contact your new supplier and check with them they had your opening readings (which would have been SP's closing readings) correctly validated with SP AND independently when they opened your account.

When you have that info, check that opening reading is reflected on your first new supplier bill, then go back to SP armed with that confirmation and find out if the varying amounts they're billing you are due to estimated opening readings from when they took you over - a lot of people are reporting SP estimated their opening readings for November last year.

They may believe you have an outstanding debt on your ExEn account rather than a credit, or the changing bill amount might be due to your ExEn credit being refunded to an incorrect final bill, or some other calculation mistake.

As far as where you stand: you're better off opening a dialogue with SP before they start getting ansty about the bill, paying something rather than nothing - any undisputed part of the bill at least. That would get them off your back until a correct bill can be sorted out.

If you still have access to an SP online account, bills, statements and readings, whether actual or estimated should still be accessible from there. It would also show if they believe your account with them is still open. Check.

posted by Mug73 | 2 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

Just an update on previous post I have just got off the phone with Scottish Power same old same has no more information on refunds from Extra Energy so I asked if the had a contact number for Extra Energy and was given this number 08003685452 so I called them.

This is a farce they said same has Scottish Power until we get our final bill from administrator their is nothing we can do? I asked when that was likely to be non difinative answer. 

So back to square one we are in their hands and they are playing pass the buck between them!!!

Thank you Extra Energy for being a loyal customer to you since you started up your business   and you owing me over £500 which if you had been honest with us we would not now be in the position we are with Scottish Power. We too could have jumped ship and left you in the lurch like you have us.