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posted by Keytey | A week ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

I too have  a credit balance with Extra Energy. The advice posted on the Scottish Power web site contradicts the advice provided by Extra Energy's administrators when I rang to enquire when my account would be finalised. Extra Energy told me that they would send a credit payment to me directly and yet the SP web site says that any credit balance would be reflected in the starting balance - which is it? To date no credit has materialised from Extra Energy and I don't believe a word anyone says anymore - no one is owning this process and dealing with it. I've been asked to provide bank details by Scottish Power to pay an amount and declined, cancelling my direct debit mandate and then Scottish Power kindly debited a sum anyway - nice one. I've since had this reversed. 

I have given up even trying to call Scottish Power and so have decided not to pay a penny until such time as I receive a complete statement of account showing the credit when the account was inherited from Extra Energy and accurate meter readings that I've submitted. Having set up an on line account and entering several meter readings at different dates these have now all been wiped from my on line account - thanks Scottish Power. I've been promised a welcome pack so many times I think it doesn't exist and thoroughly exasperated by the whole process. Please can Scottish Power straighten my account up and at least do something it promises to do - mightily unimpressed. Can Scottish Power call me to discuss please? Thank you. 


posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

Hi Keytey. It’s a sorry tale, I think EE credits are passed on by SP as a credit on your new SP account. Regarding a request for a message from SP you have to tell them directly, we are all customers on the Community. 

posted by JoanneA52 | 6 days ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy
I too am owed £200 from EE I am astounded how long this process is taking I have a final bill sent by EE a week before takeover but obviously SP won't look at this ... SP have continued to claim their DD from us but no one has sent any final bills no welcome pack and an online account that says try later your account is being set up although I received an email a week ago from SP saying everything had been trfd over .... WHAT IS GOING ON ??????????????

posted by Hobbitman | 2 days ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

Dated - 20-03-19 As an former Extra Energy customer, I received a mail from Scottish Power that my first bill was ready to view. However,  on the 11-03 I received a mail telling me that my account on the SP site was now complete and I would be receiving  another mail notifying me of my temporary Password. This PWD mail was never sent. I was also notified on the 30-01 that I would be paying monthly by Direct Debit but no deduction was taken. JOKE!!!

The first bill says nothing about the Credit amount that I had with EE or the 2 * £95 paid in October and November. There is nothing whatsoever about the transfer of any costs or refunds when the EE transfer was finalised. This is ridiculous.

I am now looking at a £600 bill and no explanation. I am not putting up with this mickey mouse company any longer and can't wait to leave.

posted by sheetal | 8 hours ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy
Looking through the posts on here, it looks like I’m not the only one with issues! After spending hours on the phone since Jan, and no one answering or cutting me off, I’ve managed to submit a complaint with SP. they are the most unhelpful! Kee repeatinf that extra energy uundercharged their customers. I finally received a bill from Nov to Mar, and my monthly figure has doubled to close to £200 a month! For 2 adults! There’s no mention of the credit from extra energy. Customer service is non existent at SP. I didn’t choose to be moved to SP and be charged so much for my energy.

posted by Davc | 7 hours ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy
Hi I know it’s a bad situation but if you have not paid anything since November you should not complain about paying off your debt at £200 a month.