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posted by Morefrustrated | 3 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy
In spite of reassurances from Scottish Power I am still waiting for credit due from Extra Energy. Has anybody had a refund? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

posted by Raymond | 3 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy
Like you, I'm waiting for news of my final bill and I also expect a refund. Reluctant to move to a new supplier until this issue is resolved - experience of the past few months means that I just don't trust this lot and I don't want more hassle later. Figure that I will be better placed to sort any problems whilst I remain a customer -albeit a reluctatant one!
Having said that, I am determined to move supplier before the heating season starts in the autumn - did not appreciate being moved to a more expensive supplier just as we reached the peak demand period, enabling SP to rip us off for the winter!
On the other hand - SP may offer something special to retain my custom when I announce my intention - but probably not - you do get the impression that retaining good customers is not a priority for SP.
I wonder whether anyone within SP ever bothers to read these threads - got their heads in the sand more like!

posted by twodogs | 3 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

Iv'e already left SP,was over£400 in credit with EE,not holding out much hope.

posted by Bigalz | 3 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy
I have been informed by Scottish Power that I am owed a £230 refund as a result of Extra Energy administrators furnishing Scottish Power with my final bill and this would be credited against my bill with them. Additionally Scottish Power on 07.06.19 agreed via the Ombudsman Service to debit my account with £50 credit as compensation for this fiasco. At the moment I am £150 in debit to Scottish Power. Neither the Extra Energy refund nor the compensation agreed with the Ombudsman are showing as credited. I was informed yesterday that it would be August before any refunds were allocated. The standard variable tariff I am currently on with Scottish Power is £28.00 per month more expensive than a 12 month fix I can get with EDF another big 6 company. I have used my smart meter readings to give me an exact comparison. By my reckoning I will have paid my own refund over the period I have been with Scottish Power in the inflated tariff. I am now switching but I will have to pay Scottish Power what I owe them when I switch and hope !!! that I eventually get a refund. I would however be more inclined to trust the current crop of politicians than trust Scottish Power.

posted by Collino | 3 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy
The majority of ex EE customers will not switch Providers whilst credits are owed and,in the meantime, Scottish Power can charge them whatever they choose! It is therefore in the interest of SP for this fiasco to drag on and they only need to blame the Administrators for any delay! No wonder SP were so eager to enter into this cosy arrangement!!

posted by Dwellian | 3 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

I received a text today, supposedly from extra energy, saying they had emailed me (they had not) and to contact them to pay the final bill. Obviously I'm not paying a brass farthing  until my credit balance is refunded but, if it is genuine, the final bills SP say they were waiting for are out there so there is no excuse for any more delays. If it is not genuine.. be aware everyone!

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

@Dwellian   Hi, sorry to say that if EE are asking you to pay a final bill it means they think you do not have any credit left with them.  You will not get anywhere waiting for your credit to be paid. Another person recently had a similar disappointment. 

posted by Jonnel | 3 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy
@Dwellian A good point well made.

Likewise people, if you receive emails or letters asking for an ExEn debt to be paid, don't pay via any internet links in texts or emails or via any instructions in the letter but use an independantly found source - ie: your own old paperwork, a trusted Google hit or a Scottish Power/ExEn verified source to pay outstanding money.

Phishing is rife.

posted by bri | 3 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

@Bigalz  I work in complaints for another Big 6 and you have done very well to get £50 credit compensation from the Omby.  Did you make the compalint initially to SP and you weren't happy with how they handled it?  My experience of the Omby is that they would only get involved if SP gave you a Deadlock.  If you raised this to the  Omby without a Deadlock and they've told SP to give you £50 for the length of time - then you did very well indeed.  Makes me wish I'd gone to the Omby.

I'm still waiting on mine.  I realised by checking my first bill with SP that they'd used an estimated COS read on the Gas even though I gave them both reads at the same time.  I even took photos.  So I webchattted and got it changed.  I don't know if that's got anything to do with the delay.  My company would not refund a credit balance on estimated reads - and that read will have gone to EE as the COS.  If I find out that's why it's taken so long -  I'm gonna bring down the hurt on SP with a massive compalint.

My advice to those waiting:  Check your first bill from SP - see if the opening reads used are estimated or actuals.  If you gave them actuals when they asked - find out why they didn't use them - as those are the reads EE will likely have as well - and EE less likely to refund credit on estimated reads.


posted by Billybluebell | 3 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

I have been in touch with SP regarding extra energy credit,

There email to me states they have started to send extra energy bills out  showing credit balances

Thy stated it will be completed by the beginning of August, they also said balance credit would go direct into 

My bank account  Hope this information is of help