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posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

@Pansypuss   Seems a common problem right now. Obviously changing suppliers while most people are on furlough has problems.   try         contactus@scottishpower.com

posted by kg0359 | 2 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy
Just an final update. I waited for 40 working days as advised this would be the time required to action my claim before sending my next email chasing my outstanding Extra Energy credit. The day after I sent this I received a cheque via post for my outstanding credit of £462,82. The cheque was dated 8th May 2020 so SP had already actioned my previous telephone call by the time I chased this up so credit to the person at SP for taking ownership of my problem and resolving it.

All I have to do now is to pay it into the bank if I can find someone to do this as I have to self isolate till mid June as I am classified as extremely vulnerable.

posted by RC | 2 years ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy

Another very unhappy customer here. I was promised a refund on my Extra Energy account -- which I calculated as over £100.  (The year previous I was £200 in credit at the same time of year with same usage and payments.) Scottish Power assured me they would send a refund along with accounting of figures (readings and usage) as sent to them from Extra Energy.  A cheque finally appeared (later than promised and only after I contacted them again to remind them) for £3.31 with none of the evidence they assured me would be included. How are customers to know if the credit refunded is accurate when they do not include figures of usage and payments as they claim was provided to them by Extra Energy? My advice to others with this problem is to ask for a GDPR to see exactly what Extra Energy sent them and also to complain to Ofgem if Scottish Power do not comply. If they have proof from Extra showing every customer's final balance as they claim, why do they not include that with the refund to show accuracy?

posted by DC1 | A year ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy
Edf totally messed me about saying am going to get the warm home discount then them telling me sorry your leaving so a phoned and said am no want to leave so they said just get your supplier to pass everything back then a get told I have 2 ipan numbers but EDF still say it's ok in a WhatsApp messenger and get told this will not affect the warm home discount and I have the key and the card then the meter complex team didn't get in touch then they said 8 week the I get a phone call saying sorry but we can't take over your meter a said what about the warm home discount they said we can see that you applied but you left before they were getting sent out so we can't give you one sorry but I didn't leave you's messed me around for so long that I miss out on it this year for first time in years cause I depend on it am glad am back at Scottish power is best for me but the warm home discount is finished so can't apply but shame on you Edf I could of had it if it wasn't for you's now there ignoring my messages cause they ken there wrong they should still gave me my WHD instead of telling me when you couldn't fill no more forms in ware can I get help with this or its going to be cold in a concrete flat my mental health issues have skyrocked me I need to stay positive

posted by Alihodaei | A year ago
Re: CRedit not yet refunded from Extra Energy
My bill is more than the tariff, why? My monthly tariff is 41.98, why did you send me a bill of 177.70 this month? I'm really upset about this