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Can't Enter Day and Night Meter Readings

posted by spungletrumpet | A month ago

I need to enter my meter readings for day and night. The website page is presenting me with 4 lines to enter my readings instead of 2 lines (for day and night). In addition, none of the lines are labelled with headings such as 'Night Reading' and 'Day Reading'. Each line has a ? symbol at the end to hover over. They all say the same, which is 'enter current reading'. Why would someone have 4 current readings and how do you show which is day/night?

The app is not working AGAIN! I'm on hold on the phone at the moment and I've so far been waiting for 18 minutes. Can anyone please help?!


Top answer

posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Can't Enter Day and Night Meter Readings

Put day reading in box 1 and night reading in box 2 and put zeros in all the other boxes. Use leading zeros in boxes 1 and 2 in order to fill all the spaces.

Dont use the App for now, stick to the online account.

posted by micky67 | 3 weeks ago
Re: Can't Enter Day and Night Meter Readings
We haven’t got any reading on our metre