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Can't enter meter reading

posted by Harv | 4 months ago


I'm having some trouble entering my meter readings (day and night) to my account using the online system. I enter the relevant meter readings (with leading zeroes), hit submit and it just refreshes the page.  I have tried this a few times, however it says I last submitted a reading a couple of months ago so it's obviously not working.  There is no error message, it just reloads the same page and I have tried using using Chrome and Edge on my pc, as well as on my phone with no luck.

Any help would be appreciated.


posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Can't enter meter reading

@Harv   It could be that your readings are outside the expected range   Try an email to    contactus@scottishpower.com


posted by cains | 2 weeks ago
Re: Can't enter meter reading

Theres no were to enter the numbers it just keeps saying sorry your leaving 

Also cant call you as your closed at 6,25pm when it says your open until 8pm?


posted by whiteowl | A week ago
Re: Can't enter meter reading

@cains  Are you leaving i am and i can't put in my meter reading. I thought i would be able to see my final month bill from them. Oh well i will just give  them to my new supplier in the next few days as they have asked for them. It has update reading,  but does not go any where. Unlike me.


posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: Can't enter meter reading

@whiteowl    It should be sufficient to only give the reading to the New Supplier, but SP like to have confirmation as well. Always use the same numbers you have given to the New Supplier, and email the readings to SP using the usual address.

Good Luck with your move.