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Can't read gas meter

posted by Tanya | 3 months ago

Hello! This is my gas meter and I can't understand which numbers to write when I provide my meter readings. I've got five digits, but when I ener my meter readings, I can write only four. Should I add the 0 too? Today, when I provided my readings I added only 0589 and I don't know is it right or not. Thank you!20180404_113343.jpg


posted by Davc | 3 months ago
Re: Can't read gas meter

Nice picture and Yes you should include the first zero when you submit on line so 05983 is what you put in.


Top answer

posted by Hooloovoo | 3 months ago
Re: Can't read gas meter

You should enter all the black digits and ignore the red ones.  Based on this you would enter 05893.

However, you have said you can only enter 4 digits.  This means you'll need to enter 5893 instead.  You should contact Scottish Power and inform them that your meter has 5 digits so they can update the system.  You've got a fair amount of time before the most significant digit on the left becomes a 1 though.