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Cannot enter meter readings

posted by Arthur | 4 years ago

Hi,  I am switching energy companies, and you sent me an email on 29th January 2018, giving me the details of what will happen from your end. The change over will take place 12th January 2018. You asked me to submit up to date meter readings. The system is not allowing me to enter them. Can you please advise. Thanks.


posted by bg | 3 years ago
Re: Cannot enter meter readings

Same here. I would like to enter meter readings online, but can't. I have no interest in a Smart Meter. I just want to enter my meter readings!

posted by Essjay | 3 years ago
Re: Cannot enter meter readings

Me too, a new user, I try to enter my meter readings and get an error message "Something went wrong" or similar. Also I have a 4 digit electric meter reading and the system didn't like that either; I put a zero in front of it and still get the error message, Sigh.

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Cannot enter meter readings

I'm not sure what the problem is but if you have eg 7 spaces to fill in on-line then you need 3 leading zeros before your 4 reading numbers. All the spaces need to be filled. If you cannot get it to work there is a telephone service as well where you use your keypad to enter readings.

posted by Colin_H | 3 years ago
Re: Cannot enter meter readings

I just experienced what I think is the same issue as Arthur: I press the "Update my eter readings" button on the leaving tracker, and I get a 403 error message.

Doesn't seem to be another way to enter readings now, for me. Leavers get a restricted version of the usual website.

I'm guessing it may be because I already provided readings to my new supplier, but I can't be sure of course.

I emailed contactus@scottishpower.com to investigate the problem. Just for my own peace of mind to prove I was going to do it on the day Scottish Power asked. We'll see I suppose.

posted by Cameron | 3 years ago
Re: Cannot enter meter readings

I'm experiencing the same problem... Did anybody manage to get this sorted by any chance?



posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Cannot enter meter readings

On a different thread it was mentioned that leavers give their starting meter reading to the new supplier, who then confirms it back to SP so that both companies are working with the same data. Make sure you keep a copy of your readings so that you can check it on bills later.

posted by Stumcstu | 3 years ago
Re: Cannot enter meter readings

Same issue.  Can't submit meter readings online or via the app.  Just transferred to Scottish Power.....hope this is not a sign of things to come.


posted by ColinR | 3 years ago
Re: Cannot enter meter readings

Me too 


Moved to Scottish Power - First thing that you need to do providing your meter readings is a total disaster.  Go online - log in - select enter meter readings -  I'm then presented with two lines for my electricty readings -   No indication of which one is for normal rate and which is for economy 7 -  Should I guess?    Look at the amazingly unhelpful videos , download the app and try to do it there - still no joy.  Request call back from within the app - nothing - try to call via telephone to enter my readings -  goes dead.   -  I give up.

How hard can it be folks -   This should be simple slick, quick and easy - it is horrible.   Please fire whoever is responsible and give someone else a chance - this is utter garbage.

posted by Cameron | 3 years ago
Re: Cannot enter meter readings
Yeah... Hate to be the bearer of bad news but I recently moved to a property with Scottish Power providing the gas. Heard nothing but horror stories from friends so decided I'd get out asap. Nothing has gone wrong for me yet (other than this hiccup), but I didn't want to take any chances with them. Been with Npower before and they have been absolutely fine. And most importantly have a great web chat so whenever I've had any queries etc. I'm speaking to someone almost instantly and they've always got my issues sorted.

Needless to say I'm.l moving back to them.

I wish you all the best with SP though! Hopefully the stories I've heard are just rare occurrences.