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Cannot view my pdf bills

posted by omendata | 6 months ago

Scottish Power IT systems truly are the worst.

I cannot view my tariff 

I cannot get a price comparison to see if there are any other tariffs cheaper (is this by design?)

When i click any of my pdf bills i cannot see them i just get an error message now

I cannot message anyone as there is no online message support

Can only use an app on a smartphone to get customer support and it doesnt work on my Lumia or even my android

What is going on?

As an ex IT engineer who worked on the Iberdrola Novell netware or should i say nightmare migration down in Cathcart i know how bad the IT systems were but surely after 10 years it would be sorted by now?

Is the Gurgaon call centre still giving out false info?

I presume the same numpty managers i worked for are still in charge!!!

Scottish power has to be the worst for customer service even than Talktalk or British gas!


posted by moore | 6 months ago
Re: Cannot view my pdf bills

i have been trying for last week even called up the customer service who told me be ok after reset my password  still can not get to see my full bill what the hell is wrong 


posted by omendata | 6 months ago
Re: Cannot view my pdf bills

Yes i was on their "NO customer service" line for over 30 mins yesterday and they never answered.

This has been going on since i tried to contact them in 2016 the number puts you on hold with that annoying music and no one ever answers its truly the worst customer service and IT systems in the UK for sure.


posted by omendata | 5 months ago
Re: Cannot view my pdf bills

They just sent me an email to this thread and ask me if its fixed lol

I clikc the link and get this below - wonderful IT systems not worth a tuppeny toss!

Worst customer service and IT services in the history of IT.

Authentication Failed.

posted by whiteowl | 5 months ago
Re: Cannot view my pdf bills

I have had this too  a number of times if i just want to view the forum and not go into my account .I  then just refresh and it goes away. a bit annoying.

posted by tonyc6400 | 5 months ago
Re: Cannot view my pdf bills
I cannot see my bills and have not been able to see them for some time and showing the following :

Something went wrong We are sorry for the inconvenience

If you were dealing with an urgent matter, please call us on 0800 027 0072

I think that this is a permanent state and therefore I think that the best thing to do is just change to another provider anyway, where one will be treated more seriously