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Care Home

posted by OwlTalking | A week ago


My grandma has an account with Scottish Power and has moved into a care home. However, she still owns her property but it is standing empty at present.

What do we need to do with regards to her Gas and Electricity bills? 


Joanne Myers

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posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: Care Home

@OwlTalking    You will want to keep power supplied to the house, so you just continue with your SP account.   Write to SP and say the house is unoccupied, and send meter readings every month to confirm low use (you will probably use a very small amount)    Your bill will show the daily standing charge which is usually about 20p/day for each fuel. So your bill should be approximately £15 a month.   If you finally sell the house the new owner can decide what to do.