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Changing Tariff

posted by Toby | 2 years ago

My current tariff is due to finish in April this year. I clicked on the link to check what tariffs are available and, to my surprise, Scottish Power seemed to be offering only their most expensive tariffs. There apeear to be cheap[er tariffs available but they are hidden away on the web-site and there does not seem to be any way of selecting one of them on line. So much for respecting customer loyalty.

I tried the on-line chat using the app but after 4 hours with virtually no response I gave up.

Once I can cancel my contract without penalty I will be off !!

This has to be one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with - I am sure that they are in breach of the Ofgem regualtions and I will make inquiries regarding that possibility..

Have other members of this forum had similar experiences. ?