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Changing supplier/paying final bill

posted by kvt | 2 years ago

I have recently changed from ScottishPower to another energy supplier.

I received a final bill using an estimated meter reading. When I phoned, I was told that I can't give ScottishPower the meter reading, instead I should tell my new supplier and they will update the system.

I have now given this meter reading to my new supplier but am concerned about getting an accurate final bill. I only have 1 week before the payment deadline. When will I receive my updated final bill?


posted by  Eilidh | 2 years ago
Re: Changing supplier/paying final bill

hi @kvt, the information you have recieved is correct.  The accurate final bill can only be produced once we have received your final meter reading from your new supplier.  Do you believe your estimated final bill is close to what you expect you will have to pay with your accurate reading?  If so we'd recommend you pay based on the estimate and we will charge/refund you dependant on the difference between your estimated and accurate final bill.

posted by kvt | 2 years ago
Re: Changing supplier/paying final bill

Thank you for your reply.

The estimated bill is 5x greater than the actual usage so I am not willing to pay this. 

How long is the time between getting the meter read and producing the final bill?

posted by  Eilidh | 2 years ago
Re: Changing supplier/paying final bill

Hi @kvt, it really depends on when your new supplier accepts the meter reading you provided them with as your starting read and sends it over to us.  I would advise contacting your new supplier and asking them when they sent or are planning to send your reading to us via a flow.  The process should automatically produce your amended final bill once we have recieved your actual reading.


posted by windy | 12 months ago
Re: Changing supplier/paying final bill

Hi, I am also concerned about recieving an accurate bill from Scottish Power as they said they have not yet received the gas flow component from my new supplier (EDF) yet I Phoned EDF and they said they sent the gas flow readings to Scottish power 6 days ago. Not only that but Scottish power took a direct debit from my bank account on 7/12/18, four days after the Scottish Power account should have been closed on 3/12/18 as thats when the National database has EDF logged as taking over my account. How are Scottsh power legally able to do this? ie take money from my bank account when I am not even a customer?

posted by Davc | 12 months ago
Re: Changing supplier/paying final bill

Your account is still live as you are still using the Community login. It is not unusual to get a final bill after your new EDF account has started,  If SP took payment by DD that is also  normal, but you should check that the amount matches your closing meter readings.

posted by oneangrylady | 9 months ago
Re: Changing supplier/paying final bill

Im getting raelly fed up with this after speaking to scottish power for 6 hours they assured me that they would not not take the esimated final bill from me untill they had meter readings to weeks apart tommorow is when I give the a second reading its miles off what my reading was a month later and when i looked at my pending payments out they were going to take 438 fom my account I had been paying them what they asked me right up to the 16th of feb Im very angry at the moment and have now been on the phone for nearly an hour to have another 3 hours worth of reasurances that dont mean a thing

posted by elainerichards | 9 months ago
Re: Changing supplier/paying final bill
I’m having exactly the same issue!! I’ve paid what they have asked for each month and now I’ve switched supplier they say I owe them £428! How can that be??????

posted by Davc | 9 months ago
Re: Changing supplier/paying final bill

Hi Elaine, read your bills and look for a carried forward debt. Your direct debits have not yet been sufficient to wipe out the debt. If you had stayed the debt would have been slowly paid off.   Could also be your account had been estimated until you provided a final reading. Always keep your readings updated. 

posted by Patc | 3 months ago
Re: Changing supplier/paying final bill how do I get a final reading from a smart meter?