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Changing tarriff

posted by rockpiler | 5 months ago

I am looking to change my tarriff as my current one ends in a month.  If I change it now will I be charged the new, more expensive prices from when I change or will the new prices come in when my old tarriff ends in 4 weeks?


Top answer

posted by Davc | 5 months ago
Re: Changing tarriff

I am fairly confident on this question, you will change as soon as you request it, so to get the most out of the old contract leave it until the last week before changing. 

posted by Poppy | 5 months ago
Re: Changing tarriff

Am just looking at changing, but noticed that the estimated usage for the past 12 months are higher than those used on their website using my account information.  This means if i chose to stay with Scottish power the bill would be much more than they suggest.  Have you checked this?

posted by Davc | 5 months ago
Re: Changing tarriff

Hi Poppy, strange you have two estimates, the cold winter has increased a lot of estimates. Your new direct debit is based on a guess of your consumption but you only pay for what you really use. So if it is looking too high and you build up a credit you can reduce the DD later on. There is a facility to adjust the DD in your account online. 

posted by rockpiler | 4 months ago
Re: Changing tarriff

Thanks for all the answers.  I have done the switch as I wanted to get the £30 cash back for switching.  I had to weigh up if I would be better off doing that and paying the new prices or waiting and that the offer might be withdrawn.  Thanks all.

posted by carole | 4 months ago
Re: Changing tarriff

I changed my tariff a week ago to take advantage of the £30 credit but there is no sign of this yet. My account shows the new tariff name but not the promised credit, how long should it take for this to show?


posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Changing tarriff
Hi I guess it will show as a credit on your first new bill.