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Charge for engineer visit

posted by Ingramal | A month ago
I've been charged 177 quid for an engineer who came out to replace my meter (not smart) and I had covid so wouldn't allow access to my home, he refused anyway. This was after 2 calls to confirm the appointment, which was an emergency as off supply due to meter read "call help", in which I told both operators that I have covid and they ensured me that as the gas box is outside it was fine. Im absolutely fuming, still no gas btw!
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posted by DavC1 | A month ago
Re: Charge for engineer visit

@Ingramal   The charge was for a refusal of access.  Tell SP that access was not needed because of an external meter.  SP should cancel the charge which has been raised automatically by the computer booking system.   You should also mention to SP about your Covid, the appointment should never have been made.    Tell SP on 0800 027 0072.   They don't read these messages on the Community pages.